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By Mike Johnson on 2004-04-19 04:00:00

They aired the video feature on Cactus Jack vs. Randy Orton.

The next bout was No Holds Barred Match Falls Count Anywhere match with Cactus Jack challenging WWE Intercontinental champion Randy Orton with Evolution barred from ringside.

Orton came to the ring with a trash can full of weapons including a barbed wire 2 x 4. Cactus was announced as Mick Foley but was dressed in classic Cactus Jack attire and brought his barbed wire bat. Cactus began beating at Orton with the bat and he used the trash can as a shield. Cactus chased Orton around the ring swinging the bat as Orton scampered. He took Cactus down with a step toe hold into the stairs.

Cactus and Orton wrestled over possession of the bat. Orton had it dug into his head for a moment. He hit Cactus with the trash can. He charged with it but Foley put his leg up and returned the favor. Back in the ring, Cactus worked over Orton. They announced Foley was 272 his lowest weight since 1989, which is when he worked World Class and his first NWA run as Kevin Sullivan's henchman.

Cactus hit a sliding kick to knock Orton to the floor. He hit a neckbreaker on the floor. Cactus went for the elbow off the apron but Orton crawled up the aisle.

Cactus followed and caught him but was hit with a belly to back suplex on the steel rampway. Orton covered him for a two count. Orton slammed him down backwards on the ramp. They brawled to the ring and Orton slammed Cactus into the stairs. Orton tried to use the barbed wire bat on Cactus' face but Cactus held it off. Cactus kicked him low to stop him.

Cactus pulled out Mr. Socko. What, no barbed wire Socko? Cactus grabbed the bat and asked the crowd which they wanted to see. They voted for the bat and Orton got it right in the face. Orton was busted open and bleeding bad. Cactus hit him with it again. Cactus began beating Orton around the ring and unleashed forearms on him in the corner. Cactus hit his running knee in the corner on Orton.

Cactus began raking the bat over Orton's face. Orton tried to escape but had it raked over his face again. He tried to get out of the ring but Cactus pulled him into the center. Cactus placed the barbed wire bat in Orton's nether regions and dropped a legdrop, insuring that a fourth generation of the Orton wrestling family would not be sired tonight.

Cactus grabbed a gasoline can from under the ring. He poured it over the bat and tried to light it on fire but Eric Bischoff came off and told him that if he lit the bat, Cactus will not only lose the match and the fire marshall will shut down the show. That actually almost happened once in the Tokyo Dome at a show, but he couldn't get the chair to light up! Cactus threw the bat out of the ring.

Foley pulled a barbed wire board out from under the ring. The crowd chanted, "Holy s**t!" I do believe we just hit a first in WWE history. Cactus was blinded by powder and slammed onto the barbed wire bed. Foley was bleeding from the arm. Cactus kicked out at two. Orton set up the barbed wire board in the corner. He whipped Cactus in, who reversed but Orton reversed again. Cactus hit it face and arm first. His arm stuck to the wire. Orton dropkicked him into the board. Cactus went down and Orton slammed it down on him.

Orton unleashed a huge sack of thumbtacks in the ring. Jim Ross said there were thousands and he was probably right. Orton tried to bulldog Foley into them but Foley sent Orton sailing back first into the tacks. They showed a closeup of all the tacks embedded in his back and hands. Cactus covered Orton but he kicked out. Orton retreated from the ring and began pulling tacks out of his hand.

Cactus chased him to the back. The crowd booed when they went backstage. They brawled back onto the stage, where Foley threw Orton off the stage through a production area covered by wood. Officials began checking on Orton while other referees tried to calm Cactus. Cactus laid out the referees and began heading towards Orton. Cactus hit the Cactus Elbow off the stage onto Orton. Cactus went for the pin but Orton got his shoulder up at the last second. Cactus brought Orton back onto the rampway. Fans were chanting, "ECW." Cactus rolled Orton back into the ring, where he hit the doublearm DDT. Orton kicked out. Orton retreated outside while Foley set the barbed wire board back up in the corner.

Orton clobbered Foley with the barbed wire bat. Foley is bleeding from the face. Orton began working over Cactus with the bat. Cactus pulled out Socko and locked in the Mandible Claw. Orton fought out of it but Cactus locked on Socko again. Orton turned it into the RKO. He covered Cactus, who kicked out at two. Orton hit the RKO on the barbed wire bat and scored the pin. Your winner and still the WWE Intercontinental champion Randy Orton! Ric Flair and Batista carried a spent Orton out of the ring.

This was just plain awesome. Randy Orton was made a star for life tonight and Mick Foley cemented his position as a legend. Foley saved his best for last and reminded everyone just how special he truly is.

They aired a commercial for the Stone Cold Truth DVD. That was funny for some reason but they have to sell the stock.

Backstage, Triple H came up to Orton and told him he went from being a Legend Killer to becoming a Legend. You can't argue that. Triple H was asked about the match tonight. He said he's been waiting for this day because beating Chris Benoit tonight in his hometown "was the money match" and guarateed he would walk out the World champion tonight. Triple H said lightning will not strike twice.

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