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By Mike Johnson on 2004-04-19 04:00:00

The next match featured Tajiri taking on Jonathan Coachman. Coachman made his way to the ring first wearing a red headband and a cut off T-shirt. They showed footage of Tajiri spewing mist into Coachman's face backstage at Raw several weeks back and the subsequent incidents between the two. Coachman hit an armdrag takedown at the bell. He reversed a waistlock and evaded a kick. Coachman tried to mock Tajiri but got kicked in the quad. He tried to kick Coachman in the head but he escaped to the floor. Tajiri followed and threw a kick on the floor. Coachman ducked and Tajiri kicked the ringpost. Coachman followed it up by slamming it into the ringpost. Coachman lept down on the leg while it was draped over the ropes. Coachman locked in a leglock and began yelling at Tajiri that he shouldn't mess with him. Coachman backdropped Tajiri but he turned it into a sunset flip attempt for a near fall. Coachman went back to the leglock and used the ropes for leverage. Jerry Lawler said someone was obviously coaching Coachman and guessed it was Al Snow. Tajiri made his way to his feet but Coachman went right back after the leg. Coachman climbed the ropes but Tajiri kicked them and Coachman was crotched. Tajiri began unloading on Coachman, who fell into the ring hanging on the turnbuckles. Tajiri hit his old baseball slide kick into the back of Coachman's head. Fans at ringside chanted "ECW." Tajiri began unloading with kicks and punches on Coachman in the corner. Coachman took him down and tried to get the pin with his feet on the ropes but only got a two count. Tajiri locked in the Tarantula on Coachman, who thought he had won. Garrison Cade ran out and jumped on the apron, punching Tajiri in the face while the referee attended to Coachman. Coachman rolled him up for the pin. Your winner, Jonathan Coachman! Coachman left with Cade.

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