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By Mike Johnson on 2004-04-19 04:00:00

Quick Sunday Night Heat Recap:

WWE Sunday Night Heat opened with Jonathan Coachman (dressed in wrestling gear) and Al Snow previewing the Backlash PPV. They went to a video feature on The Chris Jericho vs. Christian & Trish Stratus feud. Coachman and Snow announced that Val Venis will face Matt Hardy later on during Sunday Night Heat prior to the PPV going on the air. They showed a clip of Tajiri beating Al Snow dressed as the ninja. Snow claimed that his mask got in his eyes and that's why he lost and told Coachman to lay off or he wouldn't make it to Tajiri. Coachman said that he was preparing all week for Tajiri watching Japanese wrestling tapes, practicing Japanese wrestling moves and eating at a Japanese steakhouse. If Coachman came out wearing a Ribera's Jacket, I'd crack up. They showed clips of Eugene Dinsmore and La Resistance during Raw this past week. Backstage, La Resistance is complaining to Eric Bischoff about Eugene causing them to lose the match on Raw. Bischoff apologized for his nephew, saying he is "a little difficult to handle at times", and added La Resistance vs. Hurricane and Rosey to the PPV tonight, so La Resistance has their chance to regain their loss from Raw. A promo teasing the debut of WWE Experience aired. They aired an awesome video feature on Chris Benoit's homecoming in Edmonton this week. Does he get to have another the next time he wrestles in Atlanta? They showed Triple H arriving at the building. Backstage, Ric Flair did an interview saying that Shelton Benjamin made a mistake by telling the world he defeated Triple H twice. He said each stitch he caused Benjamin to get when he beat Benjamin bloody counted for each of Flair's World title wins. He dared Benjamin to "Please walk that aisle." They aired another awesome video feature, this one on Randy Orton vs. Cactus Jack. Al Snow said he's seen firsthand the atrocities that Cactus has caused upon his opponents and feels sorry for Orton. Coachman and Snow ran down the lineup for the PPV. They showed Shawn Michaels walking into the building backstage. The building booed him and Snow mentioned the backlash (pun intended?) Of the fallout from Montreal in 1997 still being felt. Snow and Coachman signed off, with Coachman putting himself over in regard to his match against Tajiri. They went to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler as Val Venis made his way to the ring. Venis defeated Hardy with the money shot splash off the top rope for the pin. They went to a great video feature on the Chris Benoit vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H main event tonight. They showed Chris Benoit arriving to the building to a standing ovation backstage.

John Keane's detailed Sunday Night Heat report will be up later on!

Stay tuned and keep refreshing for match by match coverage of World Wrestling Entertainment's Backlash!

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