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By Mike Johnson on 2023-09-13 10:01:00

WWE President Nick Khan issued a memo today to employees announcing that at the end of the month,  WWE's Chief Financial Officer & Chief Administrative Officer Frank A. Riddick will be departing the company.  This would be the first known exit of a WWE executive after Endeavor acquired WWE and merged it with UFC under new parent company TKO Holdings. 

Riddick had been on the WWE Board of Directors over 13 years and reported directly to Vince McMahon pre-Endeavor. 

During the pandemic, Riddick was Interim CFO and later replaced Kristina Salen.  He was moved up to his current role in July 2022.

Pre-merger, Riddick was in charge of overseeing financial planning & analysis, strategy, controllership, investor relations, tax, data analytics, technology, event travel and facilities.

Riddick received a post-acquisition bonus of $5 million yesterday.

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