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By Mike Johnson on 2023-06-03 10:30:00

The following press release was issued to this morning:

My name is Sal Corrente. I am a longtime friend and associate of Stan Lane the former professional  wrestler. I am fully authorized to release the below statement. This is the only statement that will be  made by Stan Lane. He will not address any phone calls, texts, or emails on this subject.  If you need any  validation for this, you can contact me directly.


My name is Stan Lane. I have had two professional careers, one in the world of Professional Wrestling,  and the other as an announcer for many years in Powerboat Racing.  

Early in my wrestling career while I was living in Florida and working for Championship Wrestling from  Florida, I received notice that a woman I had a short affair with was accusing me of fathering her child.  

 We went through the legal system and completed a court ordered paternity test. I was declared not to be the father and the case was dismissed.  

In spite of the court verdict, the mother of the child - who turned out to be Congresswoman Lauren Boebert - her mother has continued to stick to her original claim.  

I agreed to take another DNA Paternity test with Lauren Boebert in May 2023. I allowed Lauren to handle the chain of custody for the samples to alleviate any doubt with the results.

The results came  back on May 11,2023. They were conclusive that I had a 0.0% chance of being the biological father. Once we both reviewed the results Lauren and I agreed that this matter is settled, and I accepted Lauren’s apology on behalf of herself and her mother.  


This situation and the numerous false claims made against me over the years has been stressful for me  and my family. I feel my otherwise good reputation has been tarnished considerably. I and other close members of my inner circle have been dragged into this as well.   I have also been followed by the news media so that they could get the scoop on this topic.

I ask that I be taken out of this equation since a conclusive result has been given to both sides.  

While I was fortunate to have a career in the spotlight for 30 + years it is my desire to step back and enjoy my retirement with my wife.  

My interactions with Mrs. Boebert have been pleasant and enjoyable. I wish Lauren all the best in her  future endeavors. If she continues the search for her biological father I hope she finds the answers she  has been looking for.  

Stan Lane



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