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By Mike Johnson on 2004-04-07 11:29:00


WORLD-1 will be running the New England area the weekend of 5/14-5/16. Low Ki, Spanky, Steve Corino and CM Punk are scheduled for the shows. No word yet on what Japanese talent will be coming over. Ki and Punk pulled out of a 5/14 event promoted by USA Pro Wrestling in New York to work the shows, which didn't sit well with promoter Frank Goodman, who blamed Corino. From what I understand, the workers decided to work the triple shot as the shows are taped for Japanese television and that is where they will make the most money.

ZERO-ONE's offshoot promotion WORLD-1 comes back to the United States this weekend for a triple shot in the Pennsylvania area. WORLD-1 champion Masato Tanaka, Ikuto Hidaka, Minoru Fujita, and Kohei Sato will be coming in to work the shows. I am honestly surprised the shows haven't created more buzz as the lineups for all three look solid on paper, especially on the top half of the cards.

Dustin Rhodes makes his debut with the promotion this weekend. Rhodes was originally scheduled as a surprise for the promotion's debut weekend but they changed the plans once Spanky became available. Kasey James is off the undercard of the shows as he's booked a tour with IWA Puerto Rico. Greg Matthews of CZW is also off the shows as he apparently suffered a shoulder injury at the promotion's events last week. Added to the show are Mana (WXW and MLW regular) and King Kahlua, who is an interesting name. Kahlua was one of the names that broke Corino into the business when he was a rookie (along with Tom Brandi). I remember watching him work Tommy Dee shows about a decade ago and he was always a solid worker who never got a break. The late Teddy Petty always spoke highly of him and compared himself to Kahlua when he discussed how late in his career it was before he broke nationally.

The lineups for the shows feature:

Thursday 4/8 at the Academy Hall in Pottstown, PA:
*Simon Diamond vs. Ricky Landell
*Los Maximos & Guillotine LeGrande & MANA vs. Rockin Rebel & Mark Mest & Greg Spitz & TBA
*King Kaluha vs. Alex Law
*Steve Corino vs. Kohei Sato
*Low Ki vs. Minoru Fujita
*Leonardo Spanky vs. Ikuto Hidaka
*Josh Daniels & Matt Striker vs.The Christopher Street Connection to determine the first WORLD-1 Tag Team champions
*Masato Tanaka & Homicide vs. CM Punk & CW Anderson
*Dustin Rhodes vs. Justin Credible

Friday 4/ 9 at the Solanco Fairgrounds in Quarryville, PA:
*Rockin Rebel & TBA vs. Ricky Landell & Greg Spitz
*Koehi Sato vs. Alex Law
*PWF Tag Team champions Josh Daniels & Matt Striker vs. Ikuto Hidaka & Minoru Fujita
*The Christopher Street Connection vs. Simon Diamond & Justin Credible
*Low Ki & Spanky & Homicide vs. The SAT & CM Punk
*Dustin Rhodes vs. MANA
*Masato Tanaka & Guillotine LeGrande vs. Steve Corino & CW Anderson

Saturday 4/10 at the Ramada Inn Airport-Philadelphia (Essington), PA:
*The Christopher Street Connection vs. Guillotine LeGrande & MANA
*CW Anderson & Justin Credible & Simon Diamond vs. Ricky Landell & Alex Law & Greg Spitz
*Rockin Rebel & TBA vs. The SAT
*Matt Striker vs. Kohei Sato
*Josh Daniels vs. Homicide
*Spanky & Low Ki vs. Ikuto Hidaka & Minoru Fujita
*Steve Corino vs. Dustin Rhodes
*WORLD-1 champion Masato Tanaka vs. CM Punk

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