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By Mike Johnson on 2023-05-02 13:22:00

Today's AEW All In: London pre-sale tickets have already sold upwards of 34-35,000 for the August Wembley Stadium event, has confirmed with multiple sources. 

With the pre-sale still ongoing, AEW has already officially shattered their all-time attendance record. 

With the official on sale on 5/5, AEW will move even more.  

Even if the company doesn't sell one more ticket from the point you read this article, they have already shattered their own record and are well on the way to the largest non-WWE or New Japan live attendance for a professional wrestling event, dating back to the days of WCW running the Georgia Dome in the late 1990s.

AEW's previous attendance record was 20,177 fans at the first annual Grand Slam event in Flushing (Queens), New York's Arthur Ashe Stadium in September 2021.

AEW has yet to announce one match for All In: London, nor how the show will be broadcast.

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