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By Mike Johnson on 2023-04-01 14:03:00

Since we have gotten a lot of emails asking about the Wrestlecon incident yesterday, where Rick Steiner allegedly verbally accosted Gisele Shaw at the event, reached out this morning to Wrestlecon promoter Michael Bochicchio about the situation:

* was told that since Rick Steiner had left the event to attend last night's WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, Wrestlecon did not have the ability to speak with Steiner until this morning.

*We are told that Steiner was informed he was not allowed to enter or take part in the remainder of Wrestlecon's events. 

*Steiner was not booked by the convention itself but was brought in by a third-party vendor who had purchased table space at the event.

*Wrestlecon is attempting to facilitate the two parties speaking about the incident, but thus far, that has not happened.

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