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By Billy Krotchsen on 2023-03-15 23:36:00

After theAEW Rampage taping ended, Chris Jericho put over the Canadian fans and said this was only the second time they have been in Canada, so it's great they are here so quickly.  He said the genesis of AEW came from Winnipeg - Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega at the Tokyo Dome in 2018 in a bout put together by Don Callis.  The match did so great, Tony Khan felt the time was right to pull the trigger on a new wrestling company and now, here they are.  The fans chanted AEW.

Jericho said they wanted to give the fans something special, so he brought out Omega and Callis.  Omega cut a short promo before they "let" Don Callis cut a promo, with Jericho joking he's been complaining to do one for a year.  Callis said his entire life, he's worked in wrestling and always came home to Winnipeg.  He said that thanks to Tony Khan, to have everyone, his friends and family, under one roof is a hell of a night.

Jericho said Winnipeg has a hell of a wrestling history.  40 years ago, he was watching Hulk Hogan and Baron Von Raschke in the AWA here and now he's standing here.

Omega bid the crowd adieu, goodnight and goodbye, BANG and called for them to play Jericho's song Judas for everyone to sing to close the night.

Omega and Jericho walked around ringside taking photos and signing for fans.

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