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By Mike Johnson on 2023-01-23 23:45:00 has confirmed that Nikki and Brie Bella flew to the Northeast this weekend but did not come to tonight's Raw 30.  Instead, based on their social media, they ended up attending a matinee performance of Broadway musical Wicked instead at 2 PM Monday.

The Bellas later went on their Instagram Live from their hotel room, implying that they didn't like that the company wasn't going to acknowledge the Women's Revolution, naming Mercedes Monet (the former Sasha Banks) and Saraya (the former Paige) as talents WWE did not want acknowledged.  You can see a snippet of the comments below:

It appears that the two sides may have had a disagreement on how the Bellas' planned appearance was going to go, so The Bellas ended up not going to Raw.  They were not showcased in any form on tonight's Raw 30 beyond a mention in a promo by Charlotte Flair.

As of this writing, the Bellas' IG Live stream has not been archived.

Part one of Nikki Bella Says I Do will air this Thursday on E!  

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