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By Mike Johnson on 2023-01-26 10:00:00

Do you know if Rick and Scott Steiner are under Legends deals for WWE?

We are told that each are indeed signed to legends deals.

Any word on the future of Dark Side of the Ring?

The producers are currently doing interviews for stories planned for the fourth season, but nothing has been officially announced by ViceTV as of this writing.

When Disney had WCW at the Hollywood Studios park, did they own part of the company?

No, WCW rented the space to hold the tapings and to promote themselves as emanating from Walt Disney World in order to boost their profile, which was a smart strategy at the time.

Has there been any word on how AEW will assist the Briscoe family?

Yes, we are told that basically every resource Tony Khan/AEW/ROH has will be put towards assisting the family in every aspect, no different than how the company was there for the family of Brodie Lee.  You name it, the company is pretty much doing it, and doing it without promoting themselves as doing such.  I have to commend Tony Khan for how much he's done for Brodie's family and now for Jay's.  

Whatever happened to Les Thatcher on the site?

Nothing.  Les has relocated to Knoxville and has been focusing mostly on working with his son at his son's company.  He's one of my all time favorite people in the world and he will be back on as much as he wants to and as much as his schedule allows.    Les is very MUCH beloved in these parts.

Which is more likely for a second season? Dwayne Johnson's XFL or Dana White's Power Slap?

Unless the XFL completely tanks, it has a partnership with Disney, so my gut says XFL.

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