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By Mike Johnson on 2023-01-17 12:24:00

Adam Hopkins, who held the position of Vice President of Communications with WWE, exited the company late last week, shocking just about everyone you could imagine as the general consensus has been "WTF" among talents and other staffers.

Hopkins was one of the longest tenured employees for the company, initially joining their Fans Services department all the way back in September 1997.  He was with the company for 25+ years, a record that at this point will likely never be matched or surpassed. 

Over the course of his run, Hopkins was the Manager of Media Relations, Director of Communications and Senior Manager, Public Relations and Corporate Communication, among other titles.

Hopkins was basically at the front lines for the company when it came to handling media requests and over the years, built a great reputation for being fair, even when he and media outlets would have been in adversarial roles.  Hopkins often facilitated interview requests and was very much responsible for just about every WWE-related personality we've ever had on the site, from Paul Levesque on down to NXT talents.   In some circles of the company, he was very much credited with re-opening the door for WWE to reach out again to the pro wrestling media.  He was often on the road and was a big part of building the Paul Levesque vision of NXT.

We are told that Hopkins was not the only recent exit from the company's PR side, but certainly his exit would be among the most shocking in recent company history, with one person describing it as the equivalent of "Howard Finkel" exiting.

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