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By Mike Johnson on 2023-01-10 16:38:00

The WWE stock today closed at $90.24, so it was up abother 2.42%.  It closed yesterday at $87.82. So, if you are a stockholder, you have to be happy,

We've gotten a lot of emails from readers asking what the reaction has been to the return of Vince McMahon and the potential sale like for those working for the company.  While we can't say this is 100% across the board, we've heard from quite a few who have been less than thrilled about the idea of McMahon returning, or as one person said, "The T-Rex getting out of the pen." 

As we've reported before, there's been an absolutely positive culture change within the the company in terms of quality of life for those there in recent months and there's certainly a fear it will revert backwards if McMahon gets more and more involved in creative and other day to day aspects.     

Some have noted that the immediate positive is that as company employees, they were able to buy stock at a lower price and now they are getting a real reward out of the current upswing in the stock due to interest in a potential sale, so if they sell, they reap that reward.

Others, however, are worried at what the company would look like after a sale, especially if it ends up with a huge corporate entity as the new owner.  The fear is that a new corporate overlord would immediately identify some of the current WWE employees/departments as redundant if they absorbed WWE into their own ecosystem.   For example, NBC Universal would have their own marketing department, which could mean if they purchased WWE, they wouldn't need two departments to do similar jobs, etc.

Overall, there is far more of a worry and a feeling of unease, to say the least, as no one knows what the next move could be, from Vince McMahon, or for the company itself.  With that worry coming after a huge surge of pride (and for some, relief) in working for the company in the short post-Vince McMahon era, it has been a very jarring week for some.

The Hollywood Reporter looked at the potential sale of WWE and whether Vince McMahon forcing himself back onto the Board of Directors could actually hurt the company's sale potential while also pointing out some potential buyers and the pros/cons that would work in their favor/against them in terms of a WWE purchase.

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