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By Mike Johnson on 2023-01-06 10:00:00


AEW announced Toni Storm as Saraya's tag team partner.  Is there a world where we aren't supposed to believe this isn't a swerve and Sasha Banks isn't the partner next week?

The one way I could see it not being Mercedes Mone is if AEW is respecting that New Japan Pro Wrestling has her first post-WWE match booked for the San Jose event and don't want to take that moment away from their promotional partner.

What was the reaction to the Vince McMahon press release inside WWE?

It pretty much shocked everyone we have spoken with.  I would say that except for the most inner circle, this absolutely took them by surprise .  A lot of people are wondering what the next step is as there were no answers forthcoming from the company to their employees at the time I am writing this Q&A.  The company morale has gone up exponentially since Vince "retired" so a lot of people are wondering what things will look like in the days ahead.  Lots of trepidation for sure.  We've heard from some who have said if he'd come back, they want out, but whether that actually happens remains to be seen. 

There have been a lot of people in the company living in denial that this could happen, even though all of the forward looking statements the company has released over the last half-year have noted "through his beneficial ownership of a substantial majority of our Class B common stock, our controlling stockholder, Vincent K. McMahon could exercise ultimate control over our affairs, and his interests may conflict with the holders of our Class A common stock."  

Vince is exercising ultimate control.  Everyone in WWE is still processing that he did.

Can the Board of Directors stop Vince McMahon from doing this?

Nope.  It's already done.  Vince has the majority shareholder and he's always had the right to do this - he still owns the company!   Today and the days that follow are going to be absolutely fascinating to follow.  He's not someone who's known to compromise and in his mind, this is something he owns and can do what he wants with - and techncially, he's not wrong.

Could the company get Vince deemed medically unfit?

This isn't an episode of Succession.  While anything could be possible, I have to say that twist of fate isn't one I see likely happening.

Does all this mean the potential lawsuits, etc. are gone?

Not at all.  It means Vince isn't concerning himself with that.  He wants to be back involved, he's back involved.  He wasn't waiting to make the move.

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