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By Mike Johnson on 2023-01-03 12:00:00

As broke several weeks ago, New Japan Pro Wrestling is bringing Mercedes Varnado in for tomorrow's 1/4 Wrestle Kingdom 17 event at the Tokyo Dome. 

Varnado will have some personal support at the event, even if not seen on camera.  The word we heard making the rounds last night, which we confirmed this morning, is that Varnado's long-time friend and top on-screen partner and nemesis Bayley will be in Tokyo this Wednesday.  

Obviously, Bayley is under contract to WWE and likely shouldn't be expected to be seen on camera, but we are told she will be there.  In asking around, we could not confirm that WWE sent Bayley to the show, but it's entirely possible (and probably likely) she headed to Japan herself to be there for Varnado given their long standing friendship.  

As we reported yesterday, Banks' WWE Women's Tag Team Championship partner Trinity "Naomi" Fatu was also heading to Japan, something Fatu confirmed earlier today on her social media as she is now in Tokyo.  Whether she appears or not on camera remains to be seen, but New Japan sources previously indicated they did not bring Naomi over.

The expectation is Varnado will make some sort of appearance during the IWGP Women's Championship match tomorrow.

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