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By Mike Johnson on 2022-12-12 16:08:00

Michael Mansury, the former Vice President of Global Television Production for WWE, has been hired by AEW and will start at tomorrow's AEW Dynamite taping.  We are told he was backstage at the Full Gear PPV a few weeks back as well, but he is now officially with the company.  Mansury's official title is Senior Vice President & Co-Executive Producer for AEW  This is a big backstage hire for the company.

Mansury was with WWE from March 2009 through May 2020.   He was hired there initially as a Production Assistant, rising through the ranks as Associate Producer, Producer and then Managing Producer of WWE before being elevated to his Vice President role in March 2016.     In that position, Mansury had been the Director of record for many of the WWE PPV and TV productions in recent years.  

When he departed WWE several years ago, he was seen as a big part of the Triple H regime.  Some in the company at the time had dubbed him unofficially as the "next" Kevin Dunn, with the idea was that he would one day fill Dunn's role down the line, which obviously did not happen.  When Mansury gave notice that he was leaving WWE, there were a number of people at the time that were shocked.

After leaving WWE, Mansury worked as an Executive Producer for Pat McAfee before moving on to work as Senior Vice President & Executive Producer - Global Production for the ONE MMA promotion.   He left there last month.

Mansury officially announced his AEW position with the following Tweet:


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