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By Matthew Bergren on 2022-12-11 12:36:00

Jim Ross discussed William Regal's contributions to AEW during his run with the promotio on the latest edition of his podcast, Grilling JR:

“He’s a valuable asset to AEW or wherever he may be in any company. So uh, it’s been a blessing to have him around cause he is, he was one of my guys that I really worked hard to salvage a career for back in the day. And so, uh, he’s been a very valuable resource. You can’t replace guys with that kind of experience and in Regal’s case, also the patience to help these young guys. Cause he was in the ring everyday, you know, at TV, and did just always had time for the talent and young green guys. I told some of them the other day, I said, I hope you guys are paying attention to him.

I mentioned to MJF, I said you know uh, that the more you can sit under that learning tree of uh, William Regal and talk about the psychology of being a wrestling villain, you should. Cause he’s got great psychology and uh, again a very valuable asset to wherever he may be. I don’t know what the future holds for him but, I mean he’s one of those guys you can’t replace easily or at all. I don’t know if you can replace him at all quite frankly.

He’s been an amazing boost for us and uh, we’ll see how he’s, I think as we speak he might be in England. So uh, but he’s been a great friend, a loyal guy, honest, hardworking. And like I said, the patience to work with some of these young cats is really amazing. It’s tough, so uh, he’s been talked about a lot here, so we’ll see where it goes storyline wise as we move forward. I don’t have a clue, uh, I like to not know Conrad, you know that. I just, just what’s happening and so it should be, it should be fine, he’ll be good. He’s a hell of a guy and has been a very valuable team member or AEW since he arrived".

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