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By Mike Johnson on 2022-12-09 09:04:00

Tammy Sytch's motion to have her latest pre-trial hearing pushed back has been approved by the court in Florida and it will now take place on 1/12/23.  Sytch had requested the hearing be pushed back to February 2023, but that did not happen. 

Sytch, 50, has been charged one count of DUI causing death (DUI Manslaughter, a felony in the third degree), one count of causing death while operating a vehicle with a suspended or revoked driver’s license (a felony in the third degree), four counts of DUI causing injury to a person, and three counts of DUI causing damage to property following the March death of 75-year old Julian Lasseter during a traffic incident in Ormond Beach, Florida. 

Court records indicate that depositions of four police officers involved in Sytch's case were taken on 11/15.

Back in August, Sytch waived her right to a speedy trial "arising out of the criminal episode made the subject of this prosecution; specifically, the right to be tried within 175 days of her being taken into custody as provided by law and Rule 3.191, Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure."  At the time, Sytch was given "criminal indigent status", meaning that since she is without sufficient income to afford a lawyer for defense in her criminal case. 

Sytch and her fiance James Pente are also being sued in civil court by the family of Julian Lasseter.  That case is currently making its way through Florida courts and there have been no major updates to the court records for that lawsuit.

As noted earlier in the week, someone claiming to represent Sytch has been soliciting bookings for her with promoters for this month and next year.  Given the latest court filing, there is no way Sytch could actually fulfill any bookings as she remains incarcerated without bail.  She has been incarcerated for 213 days.

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