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By Mike Johnson on 2022-12-01 09:44:00

All signs are that William Regal, 54, will be World Wrestling Entertainment-bound shortly.   Although we have heard nothing official from the company, there have been rumblings within WWE of late about Regal returning in a backstage role.  That would mean Regal would be exiting AEW, where it certainly appeared that he was written out of storylines last night on Dynamite, having been attacked by AEW Champion MJF.

Regal broke into the business in Europe in the early 1980s before being signed to WCW in 1993, where he had 4 World Television Championship runs.  Regal had several runs in WWE over the years, initially as the forgettable "Man's Man" character before hitting his stride after getting sober and having runs with the WWE Intercontinental and European Championships as well as winning the 2008 King of the Ring Tournament.  His WWE autobiography Walking The Golden Mile is among the most underrated wrestling books of all time.

In 2014, Regal began focusing primarily on WWE's developmental, appearing on screen as an announcer and as the NXT General Manager but behind the scenes, he had risen into one of Paul Levesque's trusted lieutenants.  Eventually given the official title of WWE Director of Talent Development and Head of Global Recruiting, Regal was regularly traveling to major independent events to help scout talents and bring them into the WWE fold.  He was a major sounding board for talents inside and outside of WWE and was pretty much considered to have a job for life until Vince McMahon dismantled the Paul Levesque black and gold vision of WWE NXT.

Released along with many other Levesque staffers in January 2022, Regal moved to AEW.  He debuted in March 2022, playing off his real life past as a mentor to Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley.  This led to the official formation of The Blackpool Combat Club, which eventually added Wheeler Yuta and Claudio Castagnoli.  Regal turned on Moxley to set up MJF's AEW title victory.

Vince McMahon's resignation from WWE and the return of Paul Levesque to power obviously set the stage for this likely return as Regal was long considered one of Levesque's top Consiglieres.  

More as we confirm officially.

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