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By Richard Trionfo on 2022-11-26 18:59:00

Jey Uso asks Roman what did Sami say and he asks if Sami lied to him. Roman says he looked Sami in the eye and he believes him.

Match Number Five: War Games Match: The Bloodline (Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, and Sami Zayn) versus The Brawling Brutes (Sheamus, Ridge Holland, and Butch), Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens

Solo Sikoa stares at the other team in the holding cell.

Butch starts for his team.

Jey Uso starts for his team.

They start in separate rings and they have words for each other. Butch tells Jey to get in his ring and Jey stands between the rings. Butch with a forearm and punches. Butch with a clothesline and he applies a hammer lock and he pulls at the fingers on the other hand. Butch puts the hand on the mat and stomps on the elbow. Butch puts the fingers in the cage and Butch kicks the cage. Butch wraps the injured hand in the ropes and he punches Jey.

Jey sends Butch into the cage. Jey punches Butch. Jey with a pop up neck breaker. Jey continues to work on the arm. Butch with kicks to Jey. Jey with a punch to Butch but Jey uses his injured hand. Jey with a hammer lock and he sends Butch into the cage. They go between the rings and Butch grabs the hand and Butch stomps on the shoulder. Butch with a kimura against the ropes and Jey sends Butch to the mat.

Ridge Holland Enters the Match

Ridge with shoulder tackles to Jey and a flying shoulder tackle. Jey with a thrust kick and an uppercut to Ridge. Jey with a kick and Ridge with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Ridge with a splash into the corner and a second one. Ridge with a third splash. Ridge with one more. Butch with a forearm into the corner and Ridge with a splash. Ridge and Butch wait for Jey to get to his feet and they go high and low on Jey.

Butch with a knee drop to one arm and Ridge with a splash to the other arm. Butch pulls at the fingers and stomps on the hand. Ridge and Butch stomp on the arms.

Jimmy Uso is ready to get into the match but Roman tells Sami to go into the match.

Sami Zayn Enters the Match

Sami takes his time to get into the cage as Butch and Ridge wait for him. Jey sends Butch into the turnbuckles and Jey punches Ridge and Sami with a forearm when Ridge sends Butch between the rings. Sami runs on Ridge’s chest between the rings. Sami punches Ridge but Ridge with uppercuts. Jey holds Ridge and Sami with a forearm to the head. Sami pats Jey on the back and Jey swats the arm away. Sami and Jey argue and Butch climbs the cage and hits a moonsault onto Jey and Sami.

Ridge gets Sami and Jey up for a double back body drop. Ridge kicks Jey against the cage. Sami pulls Jey out of the way when Ridge goes for a splash to Jey against the cage and Ridge hits the cage. Butch is sent into the cage.

Drew McIntyre Enters the Match

Drew goes slowly to the second ring and Sami and Jey punch Drew but Drew pushes them away and Drew sends Jey into the cage a few times. Drew sends Jey into the cage one more time and he gets Jey up for a lawn dart into the cage. Sami goes up top and Drew catches him and hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Drew with another overhead belly-to-belly suplex to Sami. Drew with a spinebuster to Jey.

Drew puts Jey on the turnbuckles and he sets for a superplex but Sami grabs the ankle and crotches Drew. Ridge sends Sami into the cage. Jey punches Drew and head butts Ridge. Butch goes to the turnbuckles and Jey punches him off. Drew powers up and hits a spider belly-to-belly superplex. Drew with a Future Shock to Sami.

Jimmy Uso Enters the Match

Jey crotches Drew on the ropes. Jimmy goes under the ring for a table. Jimmy gets another table and it is brought into the ring. Jimmy finishes the hat trick of tables. Jey pushes Sami away so he can set up the table. Jimmy tells Jey to calm down and they push each other. Butch and Ridge get into the first ring and The Usos and Sami punch them. Butch is sent into the second ring. Jimmy and Jey go after Drew.

Drew is sent into the cage. Butch is sent into the cage and a table is brought into the second ring. A table is placed against the turnbuckles. Sami chokes Drew in the corner. Jimmy with a running hip to Butch against the cage. Drew with a head butt to Sami and Jey.

Kevin Owens Enters the Match

Kevin brings chairs into the ring and he hits Jimmy and Jey with a chair. Kevin DDTs Jimmy on the chair. Kevin with a cannonball to Jey. Kevin goes up top and hits a swanton on Jey. Kevin throws a chair at Jimmy. Kevin throws a chair at Jey’s head. Kevin and Sami square off. Ridge grabs Sami and punches him. Jey hits Kevin with a chair and Jimmy punches Kevin. Jimmy punches Ridge. Butch hits Jimmy with a chair and stomps on the hand. Drew with a suplex to Sami.

Drew kicks Sami and punches him in the corner. Jimmy sets up a table in the first ring as Drew punches Sami. Kevin with a back drop driver to Jimmy through the table. Drew chops Sami and Ridge punches him. Butch with a knee. Drew kicks and punches Sami.

Solo Sikoa Enters the Match

Solo goes to the second ring and he hits Ridge from behind with a forearm and he punches Ridge. Solo with a clothesline to Butch. Solo sends Butch into the cage. Ridge with uppercuts to Solo. Solo with an Irish whip and a Samoan drop. Solo stares at Kevin and they go between the rings. Kevin with a punch and we have a flurry of punches. Kevin sends Solo into the cage but Solo feels nothing. Kevin with a super kick.

Solo stays on his feet and Kevin with another super kick. Kevin stomps on the foot and tries for a power bomb but Solo with a back body drop between the rings. Drew wants a piece of Solo. Drew and Solo exchange punches. Drew with a boot to the head and Solo with a super kick and Drew is down in the corner. Solo sets for a running hip into the corner and Drew with a back elbow and both men are down.

Sheamus Enters the Match

Sami tries to keep the door closed and Sheamus pulls it open and slams it into Sami. Sheamus with a clothesline to Jimmy and Jey. Sheamus clotheslines Sami and then he clotheslines Jey. Sheamus with an Irish Curse to Jimmy and Sami. Sheamus goes up top and he hits a double clothesline on Jimmy and Jey. Sheamus sends Jimmy into the cage and then Sami kicks and punches Sheamus. Sheamus sends Sami into the cage.

Sheamus, Butch, and Ridge with splashes to Jimmy, Jey, and Sami followed by punches. Solo with head butts to Sheamus. Solo gets Sheamus on his shoulders but Sheamus with elbows. Sheamus with elbows to block a uranage. Drew kicks Jimmy. Sheamus gets Solo on his shoulders for White Noise from the turnbuckles.

Roman Reigns Enters the Match

Everyone in the ring watches Roman walk to the ring. We have The Bloodline in one ring and The Brawling Brutes and Friends are in the other ring. The Bloodline wait for their opponents to enter the ring and everyone pairs off. Roman punches Sheamus and then he punches Drew and Ridge is next. Roman with an uppercut to Butch and Owens to finish off the team. Roman with a Superman punch to Sheamus. Roman sets for a spear but Sheamus with a knee and Roman is sent between the rings for the forearms and Drew helps Sheamus but Sami and Jimmy stop them. We have a five way Ten Beats of the Bowery.

The Bloodline is down. Drew punches Jimmy and Sheamus punches Roman. Roman punches back. Drew punches Roman and then Sheamus joins in. Roman with uppercuts to Sheamus and Sheamus gets back to his feet and hits a knee. Sheamus sets for the Brogue Kick on Roman but Solo pushes Roman out of the way and Sheamus hits Solo with the Brogue Kick. Roman with a spear to Sheamus and Butch makes the save. Sami with forearms and punches to Butch. Sami with more punches but Butch with a forearm. Jey goes for a super kick on Butch but Butch moves and Jey hits Sami with the super kick. Butch kicks Jey.

Jimmy and Jey go for a Super 1 D on Butch and hit it. Ridge breaks up the cover. Jimmy and Jey with a double super kick to Ridge and Roman spears Ridge through the table in the corner. Drew picks up Roman between the rings and sends him into the first ring with a table set up in the middle. Solo with a super kick to Drew and a uranage through the table. Owens with a stunner to Solo for a near fall that is broken up by Roman. Roman has some words for Owens and Owens says something to Roman and slaps him. They exchange punches and Roman with an uppercut and Owens avoids a Superman punch. Owens misses a stunner and Roman with a Superman punch to Owens. Roman runs into a super kick from Owens. Owens with a pop up power bomb on Roman. Owens with a kick and stunner but Sami stops the referee from making the three count.

Owens looks at Sami and they get to their knees. They get to their feet and Owens asks Sami if they are his family. Kevin blocks a super kick from Jimmy and Sami with a low blow to Kevin. Sami looks conflicted and he looks at Roman. Roman nods to Sami and Sami with a Helluva Kick to Kevin. Sami holds Kevin and looks at Jey and Sami lets Jey finish him and Jey with a frog splash for the three count.

Winners: The Bloodline


After the match, Roman hugs Sami. Jey goes over to Sami and hugs him. Jimmy hugs Sami and Sami hugs back.

We go to credits.

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