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By Richard Trionfo on 2022-11-26 18:59:00

Match Number One: War Games Match: Bianca Belair, Mia Yim, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, and Becky Lynch versus Damage CTRL (Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky), Rhea Ripley, and Nikki Cross

Bianca Belair will start the match for her team.

Dakota Kai will start the match for her team.

They lock up and Dakota backs Bianca into the corner but Bianca reverses things and biels Dakota. Bianca with a kick and a power bomb attempt but Dakota gets to her feet. Bianca with a drop kick. Dakota drops Bianca’s throat on the top rope. Dakota goes into the other ring and Dakota tries to get away but Bianca with a waist lock take down. Bianca with an Irish whip but Dakota floats over. Bianca with a back handspring and a clothesline. Bianca gets Dakota on her shoulders but Dakota gets back to her feet.

Dakota stops short of the cage and she kicks Bianca. Bianca with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Dakota sends Bianca into the corner outside the ring and Dakota with a running boot to the head. Dakota kicks Bianca. Dakota with a bicycle kick to send Bianca into the first ring. Dakota sends Bianca into the corner. Bianca with a back elbow and boot to the head. Bianca goes between the rings and sends Dakota into the turnbuckles. Bianca with a suplex.

Dakota and Bianca exchange forearms. Bianca misses a clothesline and Dakota misses a kick. Bianca tries to use her braid. Dakota with a scorpion kick. Bianca with a reverse power bomb to Dakota and she tries to send Dakota into the cage and does so. Bianca with a power bomb into the cage.

Iyo Sky Enters the Match

Iyo with a drop kick to Bianca. Bianca with a back flip out of the corner but Iyo with a head scissors take down. Bianca with forearms between the rings to Iyo and Dakota. Iyo with a cross body through the ropes into the second ring. Dakota with a forearm and Iyo with an elbow. Dakota with a kick and Iyo with a double knee strike. Dakota with a kick in the corner.

Bianca blocks a double suplex and hits a double suplex of her own. Iyo with a springboard drop kick to Bianca. Iyo with kicks to the back. Iyo and Dakota Irish whip Bianca into the cage.

Asuka Enters the Match

Asuka with a German suplex to Dakota. Iyo and Asuka stand together in the first ring. Iyo and Asuka miss clotheslines but they do not miss with forearms. Asuak sends Iyo to the ropes and Iyo with an arm drag. Iyo with a knee to Asuka but Asuka with a hip attack. Asuka with a pop up knee and kicks and strikes to Iyo followed by a leg sweep and a sliding kick to the head.

Asuka goes up top and Dakota stops her from the other ring. Dakota kicks Asuka. Bianca presses Dakota over her head and slams her into the cage. Asuka with a missile drop kick to Iyo. Bianca and Asuka high five each other. Bianca with a suplex to Dakota and Asuka sends Iyo into the turnbuckles. Iyo sends Asuka into the turnbuckles.

Nikki Cross Enters the Match

Nikki goes under the ring and sends some kendo sticks and trash can lids into the cage. She slams the cage door into Asuka’s head. Nikki hits Bianca with the trash can lid and hits a tornado DDT on Bianca. Nikki gets Asuka on her shoulders for a Cradle Shock. Nikki whips Asuka and Bianca with her jacket.

Nikki hits Bianca with the trash can lid while Iyo chokes Asuka. Dakota supervises what is going on in the ring. Nikki uses the kendo stick to choke Bianca.

Alexa Bliss Enters the Match

Alexa drop kicks Iyo a few times and then kicks Nikki and drop kicks her. Alexa punches Iyo and Asuka bulldogs Iyo onto a trash can lid. Alexa with a head scissors take down to Dakota on the lid. Nikki with double thrusts to Asuka and Alexa. Bianca stops Nikki from using the kendo stick and Bianca breaks it over her knee. Nikki goes to the top of the cage and Dakota and Iyo hit Bianca with the kendo stick.

Alexa and Asuka hit Dakota and Iyo with the kendo stick. Nikki sits on top of the cage and watches. Bianca whips Dakota and Iyo with her hair. Nikki with a cross body off the top of the cage onto everyone in the ring.

Bayley Enters the Match

Bayley looks under the ring and gets a ladder and Dakota helps her bring it into the ring. Asuka slams Nikki’s head into the mat. Bayley gets another ladder. Iyo fights with Bianca. Bayley goes under the ring and gets a table. Bianca sends Dakota into the turnbuckles. Iyo kicks Alexa into the second ring.

Bayley with a sunset flip power bomb to Bianca into the turnbuckles. Bayley and Dakota trap Bianca between the two rings with the table. Bayley with a suplex to Alexa while Nikki slams Bianca’s head into the table. Iyo with an assisted quebrada onto Alexa. Bayley with a suplex to Asuka. Dakota with an assisted double stomp to Asuka. Bayley and Nikki slap Bianca.

Mia Yim Enters the Match

Mia brings a few trash cans into the cage. Bayley with running boots to Alexa and Asuka. Mia hits Bayley with the trash can and throws one at Dakota as she comes off the ropes. Mia drops Iyo throat first on the lid. Dakota is sent into the cage. Mia with Kawada kicks to Dakota. Mia with a head scissors take down into a trash can. Nikki with a sleeper to Mia and she gets on Mia’s back.

Bianca pushes the table into Bayley and gets free. Bianca sends Bayley into the second ring. Mia gets Nikki off her and then Mia with a spear through the rings to Bayley. Bayley with a forearm to Bianca and she sends Bianca into the turnbuckles. Bayley is sent between the rings by Bianca. Bayley and Bianca battle on the ropes in separate rings. Nikki and Alexa fight by the door. Bianca with a superplex to Bayley. Mia with a superplex to Dakota onto a trash can lid. Asuka with a German suplex to Iyo. Alexa with a superplex to Nikki.

Rhea Ripley Enters the Match

Rhea punches Alexa and hits a facebuster on Bianca. Rhea with a running forearm to knock Alexa down on the turnbuckles. Rhea with a forearm to Asuka and a German suplex to Bianca. Rhea with a dead lift suplex to Alexa and Alexa is sent into the cage. Rhea sends Asuka face first into the mat. Nikki goes to the turnbuckles. Rhea with a reverse cloverleaf to Asuka. Iyo with a drop kick to Asuka after running the ropes for about 10 seconds.

Mia with a leg sweep to Rhea and she throws a trash can at Rhea and hits a cannonball into the trash can. Asuka with a forearm to Bayley. Mia goes for a spear through the ropes and Bayley catches her and Iyo hits her with the lid.

Becky Lynch Enters the Match

Becky punches Dakota, Iyo, and Nikki. Becky sends Iyo to the apron and Becky with a springboard side kick. She does the same to Dakota. Becky with a kick to a trash can lid into Nikki’s face. Becky slams Iyo’s face into the ladder. Becky with forearms and uppercuts to Iyo. Nikki misses Becky and hits Iyo with it. Becky puts the trash can over Iyo and sends Nikki into the trash can. Becky goes up top and hits a leg drop onto the trash can.

Becky has some words for Bayley and they exchange forearms. Becky with a back heel kick that sends Bayley into the cage and Becky with more kicks. Rhea gets in Becky’s face and she waves at Becky. Rhea blocks a punch and a second one and traps the arms. Rhea with a head butt and Becky escapes RipTide. Bayley hits Becky from behind. Rhea with RipTide but Asuka breaks up the cover. Asuka with a spinning back fist to Bayley. Asuka and Rhea exchange forearms. Mia is sent into the cage. Alexa and Nikki fight between the rings. Becky with a forearm to Rhea and Asuka spits mist in Rhea’s face. Becky with a DDT to Rhea. Bayley with a forearm to Asuka and Becky. Bayley hot shots Asuka and Becky with a rollup on Bayley for a near fall. Bayley puts Becky in the tree of woe.

Bayley with a drop kick to Becky. Bayley with Rose Plant to Becky between the rings and Asuka breaks up the cover. Nikki and Iyo with forearms to Asuka. Asuka Irish whips Iyo and Bianca tries to send her into the turnbuckles but Iyo lands on the turnbuckles and climbs the cage. Asuka with a waist lock on the cage. Bayley hits Asuka with a trash can lid. Everyone gets into the corner but Nikki hits Bianca with the kendo stick to stop the super duper Tower of Doom. Nikki with a hanging twisting neck breaker to Alexa. Bianca with a power bomb to Bayley and Iyo goes up top and hits a moonsault onto Bianca and Mia. Everyone is down in the ring.

Nikki with a shoulder to Alexa and Nikki pulls out some handcuffs. Nikki yells at Alexa about how she did not forget. Nikki puts the cuffs on Alexa and Nikki tries to cuff her to the cage. Alexa with with forearms and Alexa cuffs herself to Nikki. Alexa gets Nikki on her shoulders for an Electric Chair Drop onto a trash can. Asuka with a Codebreaker to Rhea followed by a hip attack but Rhea catches Asuka and tosses Asuka into the cage. Miz kicks Rhea and they fight into the first ring. Mia and Rhea exchange punches. Rhea goes for RipTide but Mia counters with a sleeper but Rhea dives into a ladder to get out of the hold.

Becky and Bianca stand opposite Bayley, Dakota, and Iyo. They exchange punches and Bianca sends Bayley onto a trash can. Bianca gets Dakota up for KOD but Dakota lands on her feet. Becky with a Manhandle Slam to Dakota. Bianca with a KOD to Iyo and then Bayley is sent into the first ring. Becky and Bianca set up the table. Dakota and Iyo are put on the table and Bianca gets Bayley off the cage and she sends Bayley into the cage with a KOD. Becky goes to the top of the cage with a leg drop and she gets the three count on Dakota.

Winners: Bianca Belair, Becky Lynch, Mia Yim, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss

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