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By Richard Trionfo on 2022-11-26 18:59:00

Welcome to’s coverage of WWE’s Survivor Series: War Games. Make sure to check out all of the news about Survivor Series, audio previews, and blog for the show.

Your host is Kayla Braxton and she is joined by Booker T, Kevin Patrick, Jerry Lawler, and Peter Rosenberg.

We have the War Games video package.

Kayla starts off to talk about the Women’s War Games match.

She asks who has the advantage. Kevin mentions that Rhea’s team has the advantage because of her victory on Monday over Asuka. Did things change on Friday with the addition of Becky Lynch. Jerry says that he is a Rhea Ripley fan and she will cast a spell on the other team. Kayla asks Booker if it is smart for Becky to come back in War Games. Booker says that Becky is going to prove that she is The Man. Being on Bianca’s team after SummerSlam shows a lot to him about Becky. Peter says Becky gives her team the advantage. Peter says this is a big night for Rhea. Becky’s return will give them the advantage.

Kayla asks for picks. Jerry is with Rhea’s team. Kevin agrees with Lawler while Booker, Peter, and Kayla pick Becky’s team.

Peter asks Booker how hard is it to last in a War Games match. Booker says he was young and had a lot of energy. They will throw caution to the wind and go all out. Booker says this is a history making moment.

Kayla asks Booker what one thing will they have to deal with. Booker says it is necessary to have a strategy as a team.

Kevin mentions Iyo’s experience in War Games.

Jerry talks about seeing Becky and Rhea square off in the match.

Kayla talks about how Iyo and Dakota are in their fourth War Games match.

We take a look at the United States Championship Match with a video package.

Kayla asks Booker about the new Austin Theory and will this be the moment for him to prove how dominant he can be. Booker says Bobby is trying to get his title match. Seth has to make sure he does not lose the title. Booker says that Austin is talented and he is showing toughness and tenacity. Booker says that is the X Factor for the match. Austin is a superstar in the making. Peter agrees with Booker and says that Austin is the future. Kevin corrects Peter and says that Austin says he is the now. Peter says Bobby is the wild card. He is so physically dominant. Jerry says Bobby is a tough man. Jerry says these are his three favorites. Jerry says he cannot pick a winner.

Kayla says that all of them have as much to lose as they do to win.

Booker says Seth is a made man. Bobby is a made man too. Theory needs it so bad to solidify that he is the now. Kevin mentions the chants about the cash in. Bobby wants to hurt people. He mentions the changes in Lashley and Theory. Peter talks about losing the briefcase and what happens if he loses tonight.

Kayla mentions that they are not really talking about the champion.

Jerry picks Seth. Booker picks Theory. Kevin picks Seth. Peter goes with Austin.

We have a video package for the Smackdown Women’s Championship Match.

We see Shotzi and Raquel in the back.

Megan Morant is with Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey.

Megan asks about what they did to Raquel. Ronda says Raquel started it and they finished it. She says she had fun doing it. Shayna says she had fun too.

Megan asks about Shotzi’s comments. Ronda acts afraid about Shotzi’s comments. Ronda asks Megan if she knows what it is like to dislocate an elbow. Shayna says it sounds like ripping off the wishbone on a turkey. Shayna talks about the sound of an ankle breaking.

Peter says Ronda is not playing around and she found herself. Peter says Shotzi has a bright future, but not tonight. Kevin mentions that this is Shotzi’s biggest night. Show us something. Jerry says Shotzi hasn’t accomplished anything. Booker says she has been around Shotzi since 2016. She was willing to go out there and grind to get to the WWE. She is in a match against Ronda tonight. That is all he needs to know about Shotzi.

Kayla says that Shotzi is not afraid of anything. She is ready for a challenge and she will put up a fight. Kayla says that Shotzi sounded prepared on The Bump tonight.

Booker and Kayla pick Shotzi while everyone else picks Ronda.

Matt Camp is in the lobby with fans.

We take a look at Finn Balor versus AJ Styles with a video package.

Kayla asks who has the advantage in this match because of who is in their corners. Kevin says THE Judgment Day have been dominant and had their number. Can Finn have the advantage over AJ? Peter says this is a match about athleticism. They have a history, but they can both go in the ring. Booker says you think you know someone and then you don’t. That is what is happening tonight. Jerry says this is a match that is personal. They used to be best friends and they can’t stand each other.

We take a look at Dominik Mysterio surprising his father Rey Mysterio at Thanksgiving dinner with fellow THE Judgment Day member Rhea Ripley.

Kayla talks about how Rey tried to get away from Dominik. Jerry says Rhea has done a great job making Dominik a man. Peter asks why are we putting all of the blame on Rhea. Booker says we know what happens when you are involved with a woman like Rhea.

Kayla asks for predictions. Peter picks Finn. Kevin goes with AJ. Booker picks AJ. Jerry picks Finn.

We take a look at the Men’s War Games match.

We take a look at what Kevin and Sami talked about last night on Smackdown.

Kayla asks if the Bloodline has something to worry about. She mentions that Butch will be in his fourth War Games match. Peter says everyone has an issue with The Bloodline and they have the advantage with doubts about Sami on the Bloodline. Peter talks about the seeds of doubt in the Bloodline. He says he cannot bet against The Bloodline, even with the internal issues. Booker says he loves the Bloodline. He does not know if they can be the better team tonight. He says he is going with Sheamus’ team. Jerry agrees with Booker because of Sami Zayn. Jerry says Sami does not have the history with the Bloodline to help the team. Booker says he is not going against the Bloodlilne but the tactics of the other team will come out in this match.

Kevin asks who is the X Factor for the team. Kevin says it is Kevin Owens. Booker says it is Butch because he will do anything to win. Peter brings up Paul Heyman. Kayla says she would like to see a change in the game tonight. Booker picks the Brutes and Peter asks Booker if he wants to bet. Kevin asks how does Roman team with Sami? Does it matter that this is Roman’s first War Games match? Jerry says Sami will be the death of the Bloodline.

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