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By Mike Johnson on 2022-10-30 18:29:00

Davey Boy Smith Jr. & The Billington Bulldogs vs. The Bomaye Fight Club.

Mark Billington and Myron Reed start out and go back and forth.  Smith tagged in and nailed some big power spots.    He nailed a BIG back suplex and scored a two count.  He and Tom Billington made a wish, snapping Reed's legs.  Tom nailed a clubbing lariat.  Reed rolled to the floor.  Billington teased diving to the floor so Reed scrambled back in, where he was hit with a missile dropkick.   Reed finally rebounded with a springboard into an enziguiri.  Alex Kane attacked Smith on the floor, slamming him into the ring posts.   

Mr. Thomas shoved Billington off the ropes and tagged in, nailing a big suplex for a two count.  Kane tagged in and continuing the beatings.  Mr. Thomas hit a big Beel toss across the ring on Billington.  Billington was worked over but finally made the hot tag to Smith.  He cleared house but was kicked in the face by Reed, then Mr. Thomas.  Tom Billington hit a big moonsault off the top onto the entirety of the Bomaye Fight Club that got a big pop.  Smith nailed a powerslam from the top on Thomas, scoring the pin.

Your winners, Davey Boy Smith and the Billington Bulldogs!

Smith cut a promo after saying everyone knows Alex Kane stole the Opera Cup.  He's a thief and the biggest regret he's ever going to have is stealing it and pretending to be champion.  Smith is going to make him tap when they get into the ring.

The Real 1 vs. Mance Warner - Street Fight

Mance took the fight right to NZO and controlled him, running him into the buckles over and over.    NZO went to the floor.  Mance teased a dive but instead stepped out and poked him in the eye.  NZO tried to put some distance between them but Mance followed.  NZO snapped him into the guard rail, then crotched him atop of it .  He pulled up Mance into a Razor's Edge position and ran him into the ring post.

Mance tossed him into the ring, then tossed a trash can and some chairs into the ring.  He placed Mance in a sitting position in a chair, then locked on a sleeper.   NZO used a cane on Mane, although he dropped it on the first swing.  Mance finally ducked and came to life with a series of clubbering blows.  He nailed a drop toehold into the chair and cane NZO.  He went for a DDT on a trash can but was shoved backwards into the buckles.  NZO came off the ropes but was smashed in mid-air with the trash can.

Mance charged NZO, who pulled the referee in front of him.  Mance stopped short and NZO caught him with a foreign object and scored the pin.  Why did he need to hide that from the referee in a street fight?Your winner, NZO!

MLW Middleweight Champion Lince Dorado & Micro Man with Mr. Saint Laurent vs. Delirious & Mini Abismo Negro

Laurent said Philadelphia loves all things extreme, so here is Microman.

Delirious and Lince started out and went back and forth.  The crowd chanted for Micro Man.  He faced off with Delirious.  Abismo tagged in and kicked Micro down hard.   Micro came back but Delirious, on the outside, kicked him down.  Negro knocked Lince off the apron.  Delirious and Negro worked over Micro Man.  Micro Man fought back and took out Delirious' leg, the dropkicked him low.

Lince made the hot tag in and hit a big powerslam on Negro, who was sent to the outside.  Lince went for a dive but Delirious attacked him and pulled him to the floor.  Negro hit a flip dive to the floor.  Delirious took Lince out with a clothesline off the ropes after bewildering him with some taunts.  Negro came off the top with a double axehandle on Lince.  Lince came back with a handspring double cutter and made the tag to Micro Man.  

Micro dropkicked his opponents into the ropes and nailed 619s.   Negro kicked him and nailed a spinning inverted slam.  Delirious went to the top and splashed Lince, who shoved Micro out of the way, leaving his back exposed in the process.  Micro returned to send Abismo into Delirious, then tricked him into dropkicking Delirious to the floor. Micro used a forward roll and scored the pin on Negro.  The place EXPLODED for this.

Your winners, Micro Man and Lince Dorado! 

More entertaining than it had any right to be.

The lights went off and it was SABU.  No, I'm just kidding,  A bunch of hooded henchmen were beating the babyfaces all down.  They never identified themselves and left.  Security and officials came down after the henchmen left.  Lots of help they were!

The crowd chanted for MicroMan on the way out.

Trish Adora defeated Gia Scott in a really good, athletic contest.  I seemed to have somehow lost the PBP, so my apologies.

TJ Crawford vs. Alec Price

Back and forth contest.  Crawford scored a two count with a small package.  Price scored with a twisting cutter off the top and a step up kick to the head for the pin.  It was too late in thr night to send two talents the majority of the audience didn't know out to have a competitive match.

Your winner, Alex Price!

Lio Rush vs. Jacob Fatu

Rush attacked Fatu on the outside as he was walking around the ring and nailed a kick through the ropes.  He dared Fatu to come fight him. There was back and forth chants.  Rush used his speed to keep Fatu off base early.  He came off the ropes but was caught.  He escaped and drilled Fatu with a HARD right hand.  The crowd chanted, "You f***d" up.   Fatu caught and nailed him with a big powerbomb and scored with a running elbow in the corner. 

 Fatu worked him over as the crowd chanted for him. He drilled Lio with a headbutt.  Lio went for a kick but was caught and flipped upside down but when he landed on his feet, he charged Fatu.  Fatu took him down and nailed a running back senton splash.  The crowd chanted, "Let's get Usey."  That's going to be the new "WHAT."   Fatu slammed Lio.  He whipped Lio so hard into the buckles that Lio folded and crumpled to the floor.  It was quite the sight to see.

Lio was almost counted out but made it back in somehow.  He crawled to Fatu, who drove him down to the mat with some sledgehammers.  Rush exploded with offense.   Rush hit a big flying bodypress for a two count.    Rush scored several two counts.  The crowd chanted for Fatu.   Lio missed coming off the ropes and was wiped out with a superkick.  Fatu nailed a moonsault for a close two count.  The story was Lio wouldn't stay down.  The crowd turned on the referee.

Fatu charged Lio, who sidestepped and tossed him through the ropes to the floor.  Fatu returned but was caught.  Lio escaped a Samoan Drop and drilled him with a kick, only to be caught with another and a big moonsault for the pin.

Your winner, Jacob Fatu!

Really fun main event.

After the match, Jacob cut a promo calling out Hammerstone to face him at Superfight.  Hammerstone came out and they faced off.  Fatu shoved the champ.  They brawled.  Security broke it up to end the show.

That's all from MLW!

The plan is to return to Philly and the 2300 Arena for Superfight, with dates in December and January each being considered but not locked in yet.



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