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By Mike Johnson on 2022-10-30 18:29:00

The Samoan SWAT Team came out and cut a promo.

The FBI, Little Guido and Raz Jaz vs. The Samoan SWAT Team, Lance Anoa'i and Juicy Finau

Guido toiok the mic and said they want to talk about running the tag team division but he's already won gold in this building, 20 years ago,  Juicy nailed him with a headbutt.  Everyone battled.  Jaz nailed some nice suplexes on Lance.  They nailed the Paisano elbow on Lance.   Guido nailed a dropkick in the corner.  Juicy and Jaz tagged in.  Juicy nailed a big sideslam on him but was kicked off during a charge.  Jaz came off the buckles but was caught and placed on Juicy's shoulders.  He piled Guido up and did a double Samoan Drop.  Lance nailed a big splash off the ropes on Jaz and scored the pin.

Your winners, The Samoan Team!

MLW Featherweight Champion Taya Valkyrie with Cesar Duran vs. Trish Adora

They had some nice back and forth action as they tried to feel the other out.  Adora took Taya to the mat with a hammerlock and did pushups while holding the maneuver.  Adora scored several near falls but Taya went to the floor.  Trish followed but was attacked.  Taya kicked her hard and sent her into the ring post before depositing her back inside the ring, scoring a two count.  

Trish fought back to her feet but was taken down and nearly pinned.  Taya worked over her arm before sending her into the buckles.  Trish battled back and nailed a hip attack, scoring  a two count.  Taya took her down into a modified bow and arrow before curb stomping her for a close two count.    Trish battled back and scored several two counts.  She elevated Taya into an over the knee backbreaker and nailed a nice suplex with a bridge for a two count.    The battle continued until Trish was distracted by Duran.  She went to slam Taya but he pulled her leg out from under her, allowing Taya to crash down and score the pin.

Your winner and still MLW Featherweight Champion, Taya Valkyrie!

Match was fine but the finish was eh.

Referee Mike Kehner received an ECW chant when he came to the ring.

Willie Mack vs. MLW Tag Team Champion Calvin Tankman

A hell of a big man match.  They tested each other, trying to take the other down with power moves.  Mack nailed a big flip dive to the floor.  Tankman looked strong with his offense including a big clothesline.  He went for a slam but Mack slipped out and rolled him up for a two count.  Mack nailed a roaring back elbow but Mack got his foot on the ropes at the last second.  He went for a slam but Mack slipped off his shoulders and nailed a kick to the head, then a big Samoan Drop.  He nailed a standing moonsault press for a close two count.  The crowd chanted it was a three count.    Mack went to the top but realizing Tankman was moving, rolled through.  Tankman smashed him with some big strikes and nailed him the Greetings from Asbury Park for the pin.

Your winner, Calvin Tankman!

It wasn't pretty but it was pretty damn hard-hitting and entertaining!

The crowd chanted for Tankman after.

They aired a promo from EJ Nduka where he said this is his city now and Hammerstone is pathetic.  This was probably aired to get over that he's turned heel since that material hasn't aired on TV yet.

MLW Champion Alexander Hammerstone vs. EJ Nduka - Last Man Standing

Fans threw streamers for Hammerstone.  This was a fun brawl.  At one point, Nduka smashed Hammerstone through a door that was set up between two chairs.  He tried to chain Hammerstone down to prevent him from making the count.  They used a Singapore Cane on each other.  Hammerstone nailed a spear through another door and hit his finisher, then buried Nduka under several chairs and doors to prevent him from getting back up before the ten count.  A lot of good brawling and power spots in this one.    One of Nduka's best matches to date and he played a hell of a heel.

As Hammerstone left, Jacob Fatu came out and stared at him from the entrance.

Cesar Duran came out and said he's signed the nastiest fighter in Mexico.  It was Sam Adonis, making his MLW debut.

Sam Adonis vs. Johnny Trash (this name may be updated, the sound system echo made it hard for me to catch)

This was a short bout to spotlight Adonis, who won with a big powerslam.  He trashed Trash over again after the match.  Adonis cut a promo after saying that for the last five years, he's been beating people up in Mexico.  It doesn't matter why he's here.  The questions set you free but the answers are a prison for yourself.  Well, OK!

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