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By Mike Johnson on 2022-10-30 18:29:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Major League Wrestling's Fightland 2022 from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia!

Coverage will commence upon the start of the opening content.

Pre-Show Notes:

Atlas Security in the house...the legendary photographer George Napolitano is in attendance to document the show....They have one section of the arena closed off to accommodate a stage for the hard camera, which is shooting towards the entrance stage...Matt Striker and Joe Dombrowski are the commentary team tonight....The crowd is way down from last time in Philly.  I think they were hit with a triple whammy running the night before Halloween, during the World Series and the same day as an Eagles home game.

Dr. Dax vs. Vinnie Pacifico

Pacifico was billed from Staten Island.  He tried to put up a fight but was beaten with a Saito Suplex.

Your winner, Dr. Dax.

Matt Striker came to the ring.  The crowd chanted "Welcome back."  He said that 25 years ago, he stumbled out of Johnny Rodz's school and he's proud to be here as part of the great MLW locker room.  He said we'll see the future of the sport right here and right now.  He introduced Jacob Fatu, who won the Battle Riot and has the right to challenge for the MLW title any time he wants.  Striker said that he's been around them all but Fatu has something special.  He said it's great to be back in Philly and said he wanted Hammerstone right here in Philly at Superfight.  He said that this will be the place where he gets his belt back.

The Real 1 (NZO) came to the ring, doing his usual mic work.  He said there's a situation, not a conversation right now.  He said he was the real winner of Battle Riot.   He told Fatu he comes from a long line of "b**ches."  He said Fatu was a poor man's Rikishi.   Fatu told him that if he says one more word, he's going to beat the F*** out of him.  Security and officials ran out to separate them.  Fatu was pulled to the back as NZO entered the ring and demanded to fight.  He said he came out here to fight someone.  

Mance Warner came out to answer that challenge.  NZO talked a lot of trash before agreeing.

Mance Warner vs. Real 1

NZO charged him and got laid out with a right hand.  The referee counted NZO out on the mat but he woke up at eight.  Mance went for a kick but NZO rolled to the floor.  He tossed a chair into the ring but Mance sat in it, then brandished it as a weapon.  NZO took his time getting on the apron and then hit the referee to get out of fighting.  Lame.

Your winner, Mance Warner!

The Bomaye Fight Club came to the ring with Alex Kane.  Kane took the mic.  He pulled out a cheese steak from Tony Luke's and said he would shove it down the throat of his opponent tonight.   Some "fan" was razzing him, so he was struck with the cheese steak.  The crowd chanted, "It's still good" and implored the fan to eat it.  Never change, Philly.  Kane kept beating on the fan.  He said the Opera Cup was going to be his tournament and he doesn't go anywhere without having a prize fight.  He challenged someone to come out and fight him for prize money.

Out came someone with the words "Marvelous" on his tights.  Ever see Jaws?  Well, Kane was the shark and attacked, destroying Mr. Marvelous with suplexes.  Kane nailed an exploder into the buckles and the referee called the fight.  Kane kept beating down Marvelous with suplex and suplex.  Marvelous was bounced out of the ring.  Kane said he was just getting warmed up and asked if anyone else wanted to go.

Out came Davey Boy Smith Jr.  He brawled with the Bomaye Fight Club.  The Billington Bulldogs hit the scene and everyone brawled as security tried to break it up.  The crowd was super into this, chanting to "Let them fight."

MLW Middleweight Champion Shun Skywalker vs. Lince Dorado.

Some really good athletic action early on.  Dorado scored with some kicks and nailed a big rana.  He went for a 619 but Shun ducked an nailed a sit-out twisting powerbomb for a two count.  Lots of near falls.  Lince locked on a cross armbreaker.  Shun fought for the ropes.  He made it and nailed a standing moonsault off the ropes for a two count.  Lince nailed a handspring cutter and nailed a shooting star press for the pin.

Your winner and new MLW Middleweight Champion Lince Dorado!

Good, well worked, fast paced match.

Lince Dorado said that he first stood in that ring in 2007 and now he gets to stand here the MLW Middleweight Champion.  The crowd popped.  Cesar Duran came out to celebrate the win.

They announced that Cesar Duran has ordered a Street Fight between Mance Warner and NZO for later tonight.

Coverage continues on Page 2!

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