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By Mike Johnson on 2022-10-25 15:13:00

WWE is already working on plans for the Monday Night Raw 30th anniversary for this January.  The first episode aired on 1/11/93

With the 2023 WWE Elimination Chamber set for Montreal, is told there will not be a Saudi Arabia event that month.  The next event after Crown Jewel will be in Spring 2023.  The official date has not been locked down yet we are told.

WWE's content on Hulu is listed as expiring later this week.  We will see shortly enough whether it does or has that expiration date pushed back again.  The existing deal expires around the end of 2022 but the two sides had been discussing a new deal.  Obviously, WWE's "second window' rights to Raw and Smackdown are obviously worth exploring on the open streaming market.

The next Campus Rush tour dates are 11/8 at Boise State University and 11/9 at The University of Arkansas.


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