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By Mike Johnson on 2022-10-19 11:18:00

Jeff Hardy's scheduled pre-trial hearing today in Florida did not take place.

Yesterday, his attorney filed a motion asking for the hearing to be pushed back, which prosecutors agreed to.  

In the motion, it was noted that Hardy's attorneys "recently provided extensive mitigation materials to the counsel for the State" and that "The parties require additional time to negotiate a potential pretrial resolution", so it would appear that the two sides are working on a plea agreement that would prevent a trial.

The court signed off on the motion yesterday, pushing Hardy's pre-trial hearing back to 11/17.

Hardy, 44, was arrested on 6/28 at 9:55 AM and charged with charged with DUI (Alcohol or Drugs), third offense within ten years, driving while license canceled/suspended/revoked and violation of restrictions placed on driver's license.  The primary charge is a felony under Florida law, punishable up to five years' imprisonment, should Hardy be convicted.  The others would fall under misdemeanors.     He has plead not guilty.

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