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By Steven Fernandes on 2022-10-15 16:23:00

Roman Reigns is advertised for the following TVs to build up the Crown Jewel and Survivor Series PPVs:

10/28 - Smackdown in St Louis, MO (might be a double Smackdown TV taping as there is no Smackdown TV advertised for 11/4 due to the Crown Jewel PPV on 11/5)

10/31 - RAW in Dallas, TX (advertised locally as a special Halloween edition)

11/11 - Smackdown in Indianapolis, IN

11/18 - Smackdown in Hartford, CT 

Currently Roman is not booked for the 11/21 RAW in Albany or the 11/25 Smackdown in Providence, RI which are the go home shows for Survivor Series. 

Rey Mysterio was advertised for an appearance at the Cricket Wireless in Oklahoma City this Monday, but since he switched to Smackdown, Dominik Mysterio will take his place instead. 



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