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By Mike Johnson on 2022-10-04 16:04:00

WWE has hired Robert Fee, who has written a number of Marvel Comics and produced several shows for Disney and others for a new position of "Director of Longterm Creative."  The hiring was first reported by has independently confirmed Fee's official hiring, which took place this week.   While Fee has been working with the company as of last month, he will officially start full-time this month.  Fightful's report credits Fee with the currently ongoing White Rabbit storyline.

Fee is a long-term fan of professional wrestling, as you can see from this 2015 article that he wrote about the genre.

Fee's LinkedIn profile provides an overview of his work in the entertainment industry, noting:

"Named "The Funniest Man on Social Media" by Clash Magazine, Rob is one of the most well rounded creatives working today. He is a horror writer for Marvel - penning comics for Spider-Man, Daredevil, and The Avengers. He was head writer on multiple Disney shows, including 100 episodes of Disney XD's top rated series PLAYER SELECT.  Recently he produced several series for Will Smith including The Fresh Prince Reunion and WILL FROM HOME, the most watched Snapchat series. This led to Rob producing an upcoming Snap series with Ryan Reynolds. Previous he was a producer for THE ELLEN SHOW, MTV's RIDICULOUSNESS and a creative consultant for Netflix, CryptTV, and several esports organizations  He's run dozens of series from concept to completion, working as showrunner, director, producer, writer, an ok editor, and anything in between. He has thousands of essays and articles published across multiple websites, his independent comedy album hit #1 in the US and Canada, he runs social media for more celebrities than you'd expect, and in 2020 the state of Kentucky named him an official Colonel." is told that under this new position, Fee would be responsible for overseeing that the company's long-term storytelling across all of the brands make sense and maintain consistency for both WWE characters and the overall vision of the company.  He would be working under Bruce Prichard.

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