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By Richard Trionfo on 2022-09-27 22:00:00

We are back and Galuus is backed to their locker room but Joe pushes security down.

Match Number Four:  Cameron Grimes versus Joe Gacy (with Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid)

Grimes with a boot to the head as the bell rings.  Grimes with kicks to Gacy against the ropes and Reid and Fowler pull Joe to the floor.  Joe pulls Grimes to the floor and then he punches and kicks Grimes.  Gacy with a forearm to the back and punches to the midsection.  Grimes with a running forearm or two.  Grimes with a knee to the midsection and a running boot to the head.  Grimes goes to the apron and Rip and Jagger stand between Joe and Grimes.  Grimes with a cannonball over Rip and Jagger onto Gacy.  Gacy with a splash into the corner when Grimes gets back into the ring.  Gacy kicks Grimes and follows with an elbow drop.  Grimes with punches and Gacy with an Irish whip and DDT.

Gacy gets a near fall.  Joe tells Grimes there is nothing left for him.  Greims with punches and then he counters a uranage into an arm drag.  Grimes with a super kick and then Rip gets on the apron and Jagger distracts Grimes to allow Gacy to get the victory with a handspring clothesline.

Winner:  Joe Gacy

McKenzie is with Grayson Waller and she asks him about what Apollo said earlier.

Grayson says Apollo is not Ms. Cleo.  He says what Crews saw about his eyes cannot be true.  

McKenzie tells Grayson not to show up next week if he was afraid.

Waller says he has Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez for the Grayson Effect next week.  He says he will get extra security.

Match Number Five:  Nikkita Lyons (with Zoey Stark) versus Kayden Carter (with Katana Chance)

They try to lock up but Carter moves out of the way and spanks Lyons.  Nikkita with a waist lock take down and a second one.  Carter with a side head lock and Carter does a cartwheel over Nikkita's split and Carter shakes her rear end.  Carter with a kick.  Lyons misses a boot when Carter goes through the legs.  Carter with a kick for a near fall.  Lyons with punches and a back fist followed by a thrust kick.  Lyons goes for a slam but Carter escapes.  Lyons kicks Carter in the chest.  Lyons rolls on the mat and hits a head scissors take down for a near fall.  Lyons with a reverse chin lock into a cobra clutch.  Carter escapes and she kicks Lyons in the leg.

Carter with a crucifix for a near fall.  Lyons with a boot to the midsection followed by a Michinoku Driver for a near fall.  Lyons misses punches but Carter with a kick to the back of the leg and a back heel kick.  Carter with a running boot to the head against the ropes.  Carter gets a near fall.  Lyons drops Carter on the turnbuckles and then hits the jumping round kick for the three count.

Winner:  NIkkita Lyons

We take a look at what happened between Andre Chase and Carmelo Hayes last week.

We take a look at footage from earlier today.  

Andre says that because of his victory last week, he has earned a shot in a qualifying match next week.  He says he faces Von Wagner.  Chase says he will beat Von and he will become your NXT North American Champion.

Andre takes some questions.

He is asked about his confidence by Dave facing Von Wagner since he never beat him.  Andre swears at Dave and says he will think of Dave when he punches Von next week.

Ilja Dragunov walks in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back with a look at last week's match between Nathan Frazer and Axiom.

Frazer says they are going into extra time to decide the winner.  The stakes are higher.  The winner gets in the Ladder Match at Halloween Havoc.  This is when I am at my most dangerous.  Axiom is going to pull out moves we have never seen, but so am I.  This is the biggest match of our careers.  It is win or go home.  I have the ball with the clock ticking down and the game on the line.

Match Number Six:  Ilja Dragunov versus Xyon Quinn

They lock up and Dragunov goes for the arm.  Ilja with a rollup into a side head lock.  Quinn powers out of the side head lock and reverses.  Ilja with a hip toss for a near fall.  Ilja with a front face lock.  Ilja with a shoulder tackle and a hip lock take down into a side head lock.  Ilja with chops and an abdominal stretch.  Quinn pulls the hair to get out of the hold and he hip tosses Ilja.  Quinn with a running elbow into the corner.  Quinn with punches.  Ilja with a forearm and chops.  Quinn with a double forearm tackle.  Quinn with an Irish whip and back breaker followed by a splash for a near fall.  Quinn with a cobra clutch but Dragunov gets to his feet and he chops Quinn.  Quinn with a chop and Ilja with an enzuigiri.  Ilja with a waist lock and Quinn with a standing switch.  Ilja with a clothesline.  Ilja with a waist lock and he hits a German suplex.

Ilja holds on and tries for another German suplex but Quinn blocks it.  Ilja with a chop and a suplex and a forearm to the head.  Ilja sets for Torpedo Moscow and hits it for the three count.

Winner:  Ilja Dragunov

We see Damon Kemp walking in the back.

We see Julius and Brutus Creed get Brutus ready for his match.

We are back with a look at Wendy Choo.

Wendy says Lash Legend sounds like nails on a chalkboard.  She says she does not apologize for speaking up.  

Lash says she does not have a problem with Wendy Choo, but when she has something to say, you get out of her way.  

Wendy says Lash believes she can pick on Wendy.  Is it because she is not as obnoxious as Lash?  She says she can tap into her dark side when needed.  That is what she gets next week.

Lash says she will kick someone's head off.

Wendy says when you have the ability that Lash does, it is hard to be humble.

Lash says Wendy is an athlete, but not an athlete like Lash Legend.

Wendy says she will shut up the biggest mouth in NXT.

Match Number Seven:  Damon Kemp versus Brutus Creed

Brutus attacks Kemp as he comes out.  They exchange punches and then get into the ring to start the match.  

Brutus with a knee and gutwrench suplex.  Kemp hot shots Brutus and kicks him in the chest.  Kemp with a cravate.  Brutus with a suplex while Kemp holds on to the cravate.  Brutus tries to roll through to escape but Kemp holds on.  Kemp sends Brutus into the turnbuckles.  Kemp with a knee to the midsection.  Kemp with a snap mare but he holds on to the cravate.  Kemp with an elbow drop and elbows to the head before returning to the cravate.  Brutus with a slam.  Brutus charges at Kemp but Kemp moves and Brutus is sent into the turnbuckles.  Brutus with a rollup for a near fall.  Brutus with a shoulder that sends Kemp to the floor.  Kemp gets a chair and hits Brutus with it many times.

Winner:  Brutus Creed (by disqualification)

After the match, Kemp hits Brutus many more times with the chair.

Quincy Elliott is with Sanga and Quincy asks what is wrong.  Sanga says that Quincy had a great fight but he did not do as well against Von.  Sanga says he gives advice but sometimes he needs some.  

Xyon Quinn walks past and Quincy asks Xyon if he remembers what they talked about.  Quincy says he does not see the X Factor and he walks away.

We are back with Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark in the back and Nikkita is asked about the match.  Nikkita says they are coming for the titles.  Zoey says with NIkkita's power and her experience, they are going to win the titles.

Toxic Attraction show up and say that they are not ready for their titles.

They go back and forth.

Mandy says there are three of them and two of you.

A line of fire appears and Alba Fyre says the sides are even now.

Next week Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez will be on the Grayson Waller Effect.  Andre Chase will face Von Wagner.  We will get a State of the Commonwealth from Pretty Deadly.

Match Number Eight:  Mark Coffey and Wolfgang versus Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs in a Pub Rules Match

Mark and Jensen brawl while Briggs and Wolfgang exchange punches.  Wolfgang grabs the rope and hits Jensen with it.  Briggs and Mark fight on the floor and Mark with punches and knees.  Briggs kicks Mark and Mark kicks Briggs to stop use of a trash can lid.  Briggs hits Mark with a trash can.  Wolfgang kicks Jensen but Briggs with a forearm.  Brooks and Briggs with a double shoulder tackle.  Mark hits Briggs from behind and punches Brooks.  Wolfgang and Briggs exchange punches.  Briggs with a boot to Wolfgang and Jensen with a spinning heel kick to Mark.

Mark and Wolfgang go under the ring for a table.  Jensen goes to the floor and gets a table of his own, but Brooks brings it into the ring instead of setting it up on the floor. Mark and Wolfgang have trash can lids so Josh keeps Brooks on the floor.  Brooks and Josh get chairs.  Brooks and Josh hit Mark and Wolfgang with the chairs.  Mark and Wolfgang go to the floor to regroup.  Mark and Wolfgang throw trash cans into the ring and Brooks and Josh catch them.  Brooks and Josh with baseball slides into trash cans held by Mark and Wolfgang.  Josh with a clothesline to Woflgang followed by one from Brooks.  Brooks with a reverse atomic drop but Mark stops Josh.

Wolfgang sends Brooks shoulder first into the ring post.  Josh and Wolfgang exchange punches on the apron.  Wolfgang with a boot but Josh with a punch.  Briggs with a boot to knock Wolfgang off the apron.  Mark with a forearm to Briggs as Briggs comes off the apron.  Mark with a jumping round kick before Wolfgang slams Josh to the floor.  Brooks punches Mark and Wolfgang but Mark with a knee and Wolfgang with a back senton splash for a near fall.  Mark with a back slide and then Wolfgang puts the chair on Brooks' head and Wolfgang with a knee to the chair.  Mark gets a near fall.  Mark with a knee drop and Wolfgang gets a near fall.  Mark takes Brooks' belt and Briggs stops Mark from using it.  Wolfgang catapults Briggs into a forearm from Mark.

Wolfgang and Mark whip Brooks and Josh with the belts.  Briggs tries to fight back but that does not work.  Brooks tries to get up but Wolfgang stops him with more belt shots.  Briggs and Brooks get their belts and it is time for some whipping.  Brooks and Josh send Wolfgang and Mark into the ropes and they whip Mark and Wolfgang in the back with the belts.  Josh and Brooks slide to the floor and punch Mark and Wolfgang.  Josh and Brooks see beer glasses and they hit Wolfgang and Mark with them.  Wolfgang is down and then Mark is sent back into the ring and put into a trash can.  

Joe comes to the ring and Brooks and Josh kick Joe off the apron through the table on the floor.  Wolfgang is sent through the table in the ring with a double hip toss.  They hit the high low on Mark for the three count.

Winners:  Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen

After the match, security has to hold Gallus back.  

Wolfgang punches a member of the security detail.  Joe punches a referee so the officials call for police to arrest them and Gallus is smiling.

We go to commercial.

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