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By Mike Johnson on 2022-08-25 02:36:00

Wednesday morning, noted during The We Don't Need Stinkin' Name Show for subscribers that a story making the rounds among talent was that there was a heated issue between Sammy Guevara and Eddie Kingston backstage recently.

Since we recorded, confirmed with several sources that there was an altercation in Minneapolis several weeks back following a Sammy Guevara promo that got physical after Guevara returned backstage.  Kingston confronted Guevara, taking issue with something he said during the promo about Kingston's appearance.  The two were separated and Kingston was suspended for several weeks.  He has not been at AEW events since and the expectation is that he will return next week.

When reached for comment, Kingston confirmed the suspension, stating, "You know the truth.  I wouldn't lie.  I was wrong for being unprofessional.  That is the blind fact.  He did what he did and the public can judge that but I know for a fact I was wrong."

There has been no official word whether Guevara was suspended as well.  He was not at TV last week in West Virginia, but there were lots of travel issues coming into and out of Charleston.  Guevara worked last night's Rampage taping in a bout that will air this Friday on TNT, teaming with his wife Tay Melo against Ortiz and Ruby Soho.

The Eddie Kingston vs. Sammy Guevara match has been promoted regularly on AEW's social media accounts over the last several weeks, so it would appear the match is still scheduled for the AEW All Out PPV.

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