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By Mike Johnson on 2022-08-23 09:20:00

Obviously, the big news overnight was the return of Johnny Gargano.  He has been officially added to the company's Raw roster as a babyface.

Gargano was hidden from everyone all day and was never mentioned on the run sheet for the show.  Most, if not all, were unaware he was there until he was brought to the gorilla position.

The talk after the show was that Gargano was flown in by WWE on their corporate jet into Canada so that he wouldn't be spotted by fans.  If so, it was a smart way for the company to keep him hidden.

There were also a lot of people inside the company who noted that Gargano was brought back and didn't have a name change, a sign that the old Vince McMahon edict that real names and previous independent wrestling ring names were forbidden is gone.

Candice LaRae was not backstage with Gargano.


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