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By Mike Johnson on 2022-08-11 17:13:00

There's been a lot of talk within the last 24 hours about a potential WWE return for Hit Row's Top Dollar, former NFL star AJ Francis.  

Francis was the host of the first season of WWE's Most Wanted Treasures on A&E.  Francis signed with WWE in January 2020 and on WWE NXT, was part of the Hit Row faction.  The quartet was was brought up to the Smackdown brand and then quickly cut as part of budget cuts under the previous regime in November 2021.

We are by several sources that Francis is expected to be at tomorrow's Smackdown taping in Raleigh, NC, so we'll see if this means he appears on camera or is being brought in for something related to the A&E series, which has been filming its second season.  Thus far, Francis hasn't been part of Most Wanted Treasures' recent filming schedule and there are signs his role this season may be instead filled by WWE Hall of Famer Lita.

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