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By Mike Johnson on 2022-08-05 08:52:00

Tammy Sytch's attorney filed a motion with Volusia County Court in Florida on 8/3, advising that Sytch was waiving her right to a speedy trial "arising out of the criminal episode made the subject of this prosecution; specifically, the right to be tried within 175 days of her being taken into custody as provided by law and Rule 3.191, Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure."

The same day, Sytch's attorney filed a motion asking for her scheduled 8/11 pre-trial hearing to be postponed, citing:

"1. This defendant in this case is currently charged by Information with one count of DUI Manslaughter, one count of DWLS with Death and six counts of misdemeanor DUI.

2. The Office of the Public Defender was appointed in this matter on June 30, 2022, after private counsel withdrew.

3. Discovery in this matter to date includes over sixty videos and several hundred photographs.

4. Additional time is needed to prepare this case for trial.

5. Depositions have been scheduled for September 13, 2022. Additional depositions will be scheduled as defense counsel reviews additional discovery.

6. The defendant has filed a written waiver of her right to a speedy trial.

7. Assistant State Attorney Ashley Terwilleger has been contacted and does not object to the granting of this motion.

8. Defense counsel would request that the next PreTrial Conference be scheduled in either October or November 2022, at the court's discretion.

9. This motion is made in good faith and not for purposes of delay."

The court has not yet ruled on the motions.

Court records indicate that depositions of four police officers involved in Sytch's case are scheduled for depositions on 9/13.

Sytch was given "criminal indigent status" (meaning that since she is without sufficient income to afford a lawyer for defense in her criminal case) on 6/30.  She previously plead not guilty to one count of DUI causing death (DUI Manslaughter, a felony in the third degree), one count of causing death while operating a vehicle with a suspended or revoked driver’s license (a felony in the third degree), four counts of DUI causing injury to a person, and three counts of DUI causing damage to property.   

Sytch was arrested several months ago in the March death of 75-year old Julian Lasseter during a traffic incident in Ormond Beach, Florida.  Her hearing on 6/30 had been previously scheduled but her former attorney, Steven deLaroche, had been given permission by the court to withdraw as Sytch's legal representation in the case, citing that "An impasse has been reached in the handling of the case, making it impossible for the client and attorney to continue to work cooperatively on the case, The client has not complied with the terms of the employment agreement with this attorney, The client will not be prejudiced if the undersigned is permitted to withdraw."

Sytch had been running an OnlyFans page at the time of her arrest.   Back in 2020, Sytch claimed on her social media accounts that she was "in the TOP 1.8% of all Creators" for the OnlyFans platform just 96 hours after opening her page.  Since she was incarcerated without bond through the duration of her DUI trial, Sytch's fiance James Pente opened a new OnlyFans page, with Sytch's Twitter account claiming Sytch was back on the platform (which would be impossible given she's jailed) and later writing to those criticizing the page that he had "EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS TO ALL THIS CONTENT PERIOD."  Pente has since set up a new Tammy Sytch website selling adult content as well as Sytch t-shirts.

Sytch and her fiance Pente are also being sued in civil court by the family of Julian Lasseter.  That case is currently making its way through Florida courts.

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