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By Mike Johnson on 2022-07-30 10:13:00

Glen sent the following:

Just got out of the Undertaker one man show. We did the meet and greet and he was a really cool guy. We were able to use our phone for the photos and he signed a photo. They then had our phones locked up. 

A band called Dark Maven played some tunes to keep the crowd entertained. Michelle McCool was seen on the side of the stage with their daughters and so was Michael Hayes. 

They were filming so it's obviously going to be used by WWE in some fashion in the future.

He talked about starting in Tennessee.   He told a story about his match with Hogan at the 1991 Survivor Series on pretty much how Hogan was "injured" and had a very interesting take on it.   He Told stories about the BSK and fielded questions from the crowd. 

Damien Priest was spotted the 2nd balcony when the show started and then left. 

Overall a good show and would definitely check it out if it comes to a town near you. 

David Baldini sent the following:

The format, as Undertaker said it, truly was part story telling, part comedy, part Ted talk. He doesn’t have the act prepared to a science yet, but I mean that as a compliment, as he allows himself to get sidetracked by audience questions and comments where he veers off script and tells great stories, certainly things we’ve never heard prior.  

He told a great story about winning the belt from Hulk Hogan in 1991, and how Hogan met him early in the day and told him to protect his neck, and repeated every chance he could during the day.  After the main event, Hogan went in the back, had the EMTs called, and basically asked for his last rights to be read with an audience of Vince McMahon, Bruce Prichard and Pat Patterson.  Taker assumed he killed him, until Shane McMahon told him that Hogan's head didn’t hit.  He watched it back and saw it wasn’t close.  Taker confronted him at Tuesday in Texas, and Hulk said that Taker squeezed him too tight, which was the problem.  He said he hated Hulk ever since.

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