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By Mike Johnson on 2022-07-22 16:25:00 is told that the Vince McMahon retirement decision was privately made "about a week or so ago."   One source said the final decision was mae "around ten days ago."

We are told that the decision was made to place Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan into the co-CEO role shortly after it was clear that McMahon would be exiting.   The timing of releasing it on a Friday afternoon was obviously to blunt any negative fallout in terms of media and stockholder response.  WWE stock closed at $66.22 at 4 PM EST.  The WWE announcement was issued at 4:08 PM EST.  The stock has been up 0.62% since (as of this writing) in after-hours trading.

We are told it was a very closed circle that knew and shockwaves are still registering within WWE HQ and beyond.  There is a lot of shock among those in the company, especially among long-time employees as they never truly believed there would be a day they worked for the company without Vince McMahon at the helm.

Kevin Dunn and Bruce Prichard are the point people running tonight's Smackdown taping in Boston.  New WWE Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are both backstage at tonight's Smackdown taping, so obviously everyone is going to defer to them as well.  I have not heard that Nick Khan is there.

Vince McMahon was not present at all today in Beantown and will not be officially involved in the creative process going forward.  We are working to confirm how the creative team will work going forward.

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