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By Mike Johnson on 2022-06-23 18:44:00

40 Competitor Battle Riot.  Rumble style entrances.  Eliminations by Pinfall, submission and over the top elimination.   No DQ.  The winner will earn an MLW Championship Match anywhere, any time.

#1 is MLW Tag Team Champion EJ Nduka.

#2 is MLW Tag Team Champions Calvin Tankman.

The Champs faced off but never locked up.

#3 is Mr. Thomas.  

The Champs took the fight to him as Calvin worked him over in the corner and then sent him to Nduka for a long delayed vertical suplex.

#4 is Lince Dorado.

Everyone stomped Thomas.

#5 is Arez.

Thomas and Tankman battled on the apron outside.  Nduka took them out with a clothesline, so he eliminated his own partner.  Nduka tried to explain himself but Arez and Lince dropkicked him, sending him over the top to the floor.

#6 was MicroMan, who got a massive pop.  

MicroMan cleaned house on Arezz and Lince.

#7 was Mini Abismo Negro.

Microman controlled the ring until being caught and stomped in the corner by Negro.  

#8 was La Estrella.

He nailed some dropkicks but Arez superkicked him in the face.  Negro slammed him and nailed a quebrada.

#9 was KC Navarro.

Everyone battled/

#10 was Kimchee, as in the MIGHTY KAMALA!

He entered the ring and the luchadors surrounded him and beat him down.  It was obviously not Steve Lombardi!

#11 was Joel Maximo.

Everyone battled.

#12 was Killer Kross.  He killed and pinned Maximo, then tossed Arez.

#13 was Impact Wrestling's Sami Callihan.  He carried a nightstick and used it.  

#14 was NZO.

Callihan eliminated Abismo.

NZO kicked MicroMan off the apron, making him the most hated man in NYC.

#15 was Gangrel.

Everyone battled.

#16 was Kwang the Ninja, the old WWF gimmick for Savio Vega.    He battled Kross.

#17 was Budd Heavy.

Callihan eliminated Estrella.

#18 was Little Guido.

Kwang misted NZO.

Everyone battled.

#19 was Jose Maximo.

#20 was Davey Richards. 

Gangrel was tossed.

Guido tried to toss referee Frank Gastineau.

#21 was Lance Anoa'i of the Samoan SWAT Team.

Kross battled Richards.

#22 was Ken Broadway.

Kross throttled Lince over the top.

#23 was Homicide, who got a big pop since it's NYC.

Homicide nailed Maximo with a cutter and pinned him.

#24 was RSP, who came out with a ton of weapons.  They began to get used.

#25 was Juicy Finau of the Samoan SWAT Team.

Juicy nailed Callihan with a series of splashes.  Broadway and Homicide were eliminated.

#26 was a random Cesar Duran minion.  He was destroyed by the SWAT Team.  Juicy splashed him off the top.  Even Sami Callihan tried to stop Juicy.

#27 was Dr. Dax.

Navarro was powerbombed out of the ring through a table.

#28 was Jacob Fatu.

Fatu pinned Dax with a superkick,

#29 was Madds Kruger.

Everyone battled.

#30 was Will Maximo.  He was taken out.

#31 was Warhorse.

The riot raged on.

#32 was MLW Middleweight Champion Myron Reed.  

Reed tried to toss Richards, who held on and battled his way back into the ring.

#33 & #34 were a pair of Azteca Minions.

Juicy was tossed over after NZO nailed him low with nun-chucks.  It's a living.

#35 was Matt Cross.

#36 was Mance Warner, returning after being in a past contractual issue with the company.

Warhorse got tossed.

#37 was Alex Kane.

#38 was Savio Vega, who cleaned house with a Singapore Cane on NZO.

#39 was MLW Featherweight Champion Taya Valkyrie.  She went right after Callihan and Vega, then battled with Kross.  

#40 was former WWE NXT talent Parker Bordeaux, the former Harland.  The crowd chanted "Fake Brock Lesnar" at him.

He began flattening people and took out Taya. Kriss and Parker faced off and battled.

It came down to Callihan, Mance, Mads, NZO, Kross, Parker and Jacob.

Callihan and Kross took out Parker.  Mads was eliminated as well.

It was down to NZO, Callihan, Fatu and Kross.

NZO and Sami battled on the apron outside.  Fatu superkicked Callihan off the apron.

It was down to three.

Kross and NZO attacked Fatu, teaming up.  They nailed a double-team neckbreaker for a two count.  They worked over Fatu for a long time.  Fatu finally kicked the hell out of NZO's face as he was whipped into the corner.  Kross nailed Fatu with a DDT, scoring a two count.  Kross tried to toss Fatu and NZO shoved him over but Fatu and Kross both saved themselves.

The crowd chanted, "You f***ed up" at NZO.

NZO got wiped out.  Fatu grabbed Kross and tossed him over.

We are down to two competitors.

Fatu charged but the referee in the ring was knocked out in a collision as the others were arguing outside with Kross.  That led to a great fakeout where it appeared NZO was going to win but Fatu slipped back in and Fatu came back to beat NZO and scored the win.

Your winner, Jacob Fatu!

That was a LONG match!  NZO was well cast as the big heel here since the audience wants to reject him already.  Kross was in for a long time.  Microman was the star of his early sequences.  Navarro took some big bumps.  Fatu was great.    Sami Callihan was a nice surprise. 

Fatu gave an impassioned speech after, thanking everyone for coming.  He said that he gave his everything in the match to be there and everyone in attendance gave their everything just by coming out.  He thanked them for supporting MLW.


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