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By Mike Johnson on 2022-06-23 18:44:00

*MLW Featherweight Champion Taya Valkyrie was interviewed on the entrance stage by Sam Leterna.  She said is up to face anyone.  Brittany Blake attacked her from behind and beat down Taya.  She worked over Taya until Dave Prazak and several officials came out trying to break it up.  They dragged Blake to the back.  Taya walked out holding her neck or shoulder, selling the attack.

MLW Tag Team Champion EJ Nduka came out to ringside as it appears he's scouting future opponents.


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MLW Champion Alexander Hammerstone vs. Richard Holliday with Alicia Atout: Falls Count Anywhere

Hammerstone's ribs were all taped up from the earlier attack.  Holliday kept ducking out of the ring to prevent Hammerstone from getting to him early on.  They finally went to lock up but Hammerstone was kicked in the ribs and went down,  Holliday stomped the champion in the corner.  Hammerstone made a comeback but his ribs wouldn't allow him to military press Richard.

They battled to the floor outside, where Holiday worked over the champion and kept him on the defensive.    He went to whip Hammerstone into the barricades but it was reversed.  Hammerstone nailed a suplex on the floor.  Hammerstone worked over Holliday's lower back on the floor.  They battled up to the entrance stage and to the back, so no idea what's going on now!

They battled back to the stage and back towards the ring. Holliday was pressed and slammed into the ring.    Holliday cut off Hammerstone as he entered the ring and nailed a hanging DDT off the ropes for a two count.  He drilled Hammerstone with several knee strikes.  Hammerstone was worked over for a long time.  Holliday ripped the protective tape from Hammerstone's ribs and kept working over the champion.

Hammerstone made the big comeback and scored a two count with a powerslam.  Holliday went back to the floor but the champion followed him.  They battled back to the entrance stage.    They battled to the backstage area again.  When they returned, Hammerstone was on the defensive.  Hammerstone and Holliday battled over a suplex on the stage but Holliday nailed a piledriver on the stage.

Holliday tossed Hammerstone back and worked him over.  Hammerstone came back with a sit-out powerbomb for a two count.  Hammerstone sent him into the buckles and chopped the challenger HARD.  Holliday was placed atop the buckles.  Hammerstone went for a superplex but Holliday drilled him and turned it into a swinging neckbreaker off the ropes for a close two count.

Holliday drilled Hammerstone with punches but they only angered the champion, who rose to his feet and slapped him.  They battered each other with punches.  Hammerstone nailed a big lariat and locked him in the Human Torture Race, scoring the submission.

Your winner and still MLW Champion, Alexander Hammerstone!

Sam Leterna interviewed Hammerstone and asked him what was next.  He said he's been dealing with Holliday for so long, he doesn't know who's next,  EJ Nduka said he knows who deserves the next title shot, him.  Titan vs. Titan, Champion vs. Champion.  Hammerstone agreed.  He said he doesn't turn down a fight.  NYC liked this.  Nduka went to walk away but then attacked Hammerstone and struck him with the MLW Tag Team Championship belt.  He choked Hammerstone and tossed him into the ring, where Nduka brutalized him.  Nduka left Hammerstone laying, but tossed a table into the ring.  He went to nail a slam through the table but the table had other ideas and didn't break.  OUCH.  Hammerstone went to the floor, where officials checked on him.  Nduka went to set up the table again and slammed him through it.  My guess is there will be some creative editing there when this airs on MLW Fusion.  Until the table decided not to play ball, it was a good angle.  Very curious to see what Nduka, who looks every bit a STAR, can bring as a heel.


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MLW Middleweight Champion Myron Reed  (with Mr. Thomas) vs. La Estrella (representing Dragon Gate) vs. Lince Dorado vs. Arez 

They hit MACH 5 faster than you can say Go Speed Racer Go with lots of fast paced action, so good luck if you want a detailed play by play!

La Estrella hit a dive that landed him in the front row.  He and Lince battled back and forth.  Arez hit a big running sit-out powerbomb on Lince.   Tons of big dives.  Reed missed a 450 splash.  They went into stereo submission spots.  Arez and Lince chopped the living hell out of each other.  Arez was spotlighted with some cool combination spots including a DDT and a submission on multiple opponents at once.  Reed hit an Alabama Jam to break up a pinfall attempt.

Reed nailed several big spots but was caught going for a rana on two men at the same time and ended up eating a bucklebomb.  Lince hit a series of dives to the outside.  Estrella was nailed with a bodypress but rolled through for a two count.  He had a good accounting for himself before Reed dove into the ring and scored the pin.

Your winner and still MLW Middleweight Champion Myron Reed!

A truly fun, inventive bout.  The crowd applauded everyone after.

They just announced an MLW action figure deal with Boss Fight Studio, who do amazing figures.

Los Maximos vs. Samoan SWAT Team

NYC was super excited  to chant for the SAT, who are from the area.  They battled on the floor with Juicy.  Lance Anoa'i hit a big flip dive onto the pile.  They rang the bell with Joel and Lance battling.  The SAT took over and tagged in and out, scoring with offensive maneuvers.  The SWAT Team cut off Jose and worked him over with big hip attacks in the corner.

Joel tagged in but was caught with a kick while he was going up and over.  The SAT came back to attempt the Spanish Fly on Lance but Juicy got involved and stacked them up for a double Samoan Drop.  Lance hit a Superfly Splash and scored the pin.

Your winners, The Samoan SWAT Team!

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