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By Mike Johnson on 2022-06-23 18:44:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of the MLW Battle Riot event in NYC tonight from the Melrose Ballroom!

Pre-Show Notes:

We are told MLW will be making some sort of announcement tonight.

It was announced Bandido and The Von Erichs will not be appearing "due to injury."

There are a few surprises in the Battle Riot.

There should be a continuation of whatever the agreement is with Impact Wrestling tonight.

MLW Tag Team Champions Hustle & Power, Killer Kross, Scarlett Bordeaux and Matt Cross are doing pre-show autograph signings for VIP Ticketholders.

The show was officially sold out last night but there opened some seats for walk-up fans this afternoon.

Atlas Security is in the house.

It was really nice to see Dave LaGreca from Busted Open before the show as well.

Battle Riot IV

The show opened with Cesar Duran coming to the ring.  He said it was fantastic to be in the Big Apple for the Battle Riot.  He said we will find out who is going to earn a title shot, anytime, anywhere, but not against Hammerstone.  They will be facing his Luchadores.  MLW Champion Alexander Hammerstone came to the ring.  He began brawling with Duran's underlings.  He grabs Duran but Richard Holliday attacked Hammerstone from behind with a steel chair and worked him over.  Holliday beat him with the chair and then held up the MLW title, making out with Alicia Atout.

Cesar Duran, on the mic, began asking what happened to Hammerstone before saying, "I know what happened?  You got your ass kicked!"  He said Hammerstone's title match tonight will be Falls Count Anywhere, implying Hammerstone vs. Holliday for later tonight.

They ran a promo for Starrcast weekend, noting the Jim Crockett Promotions event will feature "MLW Talent."

KC Navarro vs. Mini Abismo Negro

Some nice back and forth action early on, culminating with Navarro nailing a leg lariat that sent Negro to the floor.  Navarro hit a tope suicida to the outside.  He tossed Negro back into the ring but was caught on the ropes and hit with a rana off the top for a two count.  Negro drilled him with chops and kicks in the corner.    They battle back and forth with forearms and chops.  Negro missed a twisting dive off the top.  Navarro snapped him with a neck-twisting Sliced Bread#2 for the pin.

Your winner, KC Navarro!

This was all solid but seemed to end really abruptly.

NZO vs. Jacob Fatu

NZO attacked Fatu during his entrance and laid him out.  He took the mic and said if Fato wasn't S-O-F-T soft, he would get in the ring and fight him like a man.  Fatu did so they rang the bell.

NZO went right after the leg and attacked it, then tackled him and took it out again.  He kicked away at Fatu in the corner.  He used the ring post to work over Fatu's leg.  NZO went to the top for a move but Fatu dropkicked him on the way down.  Fatu went for a move but NZO kicked him in the groin, so the referee DQ'd him.

Your winner by DQ, Jacob Fatu!

NZO kicked the referee low.  Security got involved and NZO was pulled to the floor, where Fatu hit a dive from the top, flattening the pile.  NZO walked off so it appeared he escaped the dive.

This was more of an angle than a match.

MLW National Openweight Champion Alex Kane vs. Davey Richards

The crowd chanted for Richards at the onset.  They locked up and went right to the mat, grappling and scoring near falls before breaking apart.   Kane locked in a side headlock.  Richards went sent to the ropes and was able to come back and snatch an anklelock.  Richards was kicked off but still hit a charge in the corner.  He went for another but was caught and jettisoned into the buckles with a throw.

Kane worked over Richards on the outside and placed him on the apron, drilling him with an elbow.  Kane controlled Richards in the ring, nailing some big haymakers.   He worked over Richards in the corner, focusing on the mid-section.  He drilled Davey with several forearms to the side of the head and whipped him hard, with authority, into the opposite corner.  

Kane went to the top but Richards fought back, nailing some strikes and a headbutt to stun Kane on the top.  Richards drilled him over and over with headbutts.  Richards nailed a big superplex.  The crowd chanted, "That's a suplex."  Actually, it was a superplex.  Have these people never seen Bob Orton?  They recovered and began slugging it out with big shots and hard kicks to the chest.  Richards avoided a charge in the corner by slipping through the ropes and snatched Kane's leg, drilling him with a Dragon Screw Legwhip.

Richards went for the top rope stomp but missed.  He tied up Kane in a grapevine submission but Kane made it to the ropes to force the break.  Kane went for a suplex but Richard kneed him while upside down.  They began lobbing big bombs at each other.  Kane nailed a Saito suplex.  Richards popped up but was nailed with a release X-Buster for a two count.  Richards came back with the anklelock attempt and drilled Kane.  He nailed a double stomp off the top and scored a one count, then pulled him up for a brainbuster and a Gotch Piledriver for the pin.

Your winner and new MLW Openweight Champion, Davey Richards!

The best match on the show thus far.  A really damn good, hard-hitting match.

Richards received a big, lasting reaction for the win as he celebrated in the ring.

Scarlett Bordeaux's MLW debut vs. Clara Carreras.

Bordeaux kicked Clara low before the bell and began drilling her with a series of shoulderblocks in the corner.  Clara came back to nail several kicks and a snapmare before cartwheeling into a dropkick.  Scarlett came back with a DDT.  She nailed a version of the Kryptonite Krunch, scoring the pin.

Your winner, Scarlett Bordeaux!

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