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By Mike Johnson on 2022-05-30 20:17:00

Jake Atlas, who was signed to a WWE NXT deal after an appearance on Undercover Boss before later joining AEW, was arrested on 5/23 in Orlando, Florida and charged with misdemeanor battery (domestic assault) on his partner of several years.

The police report noted that officers responded to a domestic violence call at the home of Atlas, real name Kenny Sanchez Martinez, and his partner (who PWInsider is not identifying due to their status as a victim) at 12:57 AM.  

The report claims that Atlas was out drinking at Big Daddy's Roadhouse the night before, 5/22 and called his partner at 10 PM EST to come pick him up.  When his partner arrived and attempted to bring Atlas home, Atlas instead wanted his partner to remain and drink with him.    The victim stated that Atlas later wanted him to go back to another friend's house to be intimate together but Atlas, according to the victim, was upset his partner was showing "half more attention" to her than Atlas, sparking a "verbal argument."

The report then claimed that Atlas "became physically aggressive" and charged at the victim, leading to another witness having to step in between them to prevent an attack.  The witness convinced Atlas to come back and "sleep it off" at his place as Atlas was intoxicated.  Atlas' victim left the apartment but Atlas followed, continuing to yell at him as he attempted to walk away.  Atlas again attempted to attack the victim with the witness again trying to stop it from happening, but this time, the altercation left the victim with a scratch on his left forearm and his tank top torn.

The witness was able to separate Atlas from the victim and get Atlas into a car, but Atlas exited and demanded to be brought back to his apartment to retrieve his dog and leave.  Once he returned to the apartment, which he and the victim shared, Atlas refused to leave despite multiple opportunities to do so, so the police were called.

The responding officer noted in the report that despite being given the chance to give his side of the story, Atlas instead only wished to "speak badly" about the victim instead of telling his side.  The officer determined Atlas was the aggressor in the situation and placed him under arrest.

Atlas signed a no contact order agreeing to have no communication and to stay 500 feet away from the victim the same day he was arrested. 

He was released from jail later on 5/23 and is set to appear before Orange County, Florida court on 6/28, where he will be officially arraigned at 7:30 AM.

Atlas suffered a torn ACL right after signing with AEW back in January during a Rampage taping in Newark, NJ.  He announced he underwent surgery on 2/16 but has yet to return to the ring.

Atlas has not publicly commented on the arrest.  

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