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By Mike Johnson on 2022-05-28 12:02:00

AEW's definitive female star Dr. Britt Baker DMD sat down with yesterday prior to last night's Rampage broadcast to discuss Double or Nothing, the Owen Hart Foundation tournament, the unique life experience she's had since AEW launched and more.  Highlights from the conversation:

The Owen Hart Foundation Tournament: "It's really special. This is like such a huge opportunity and it has so much meaning behind it and not only to wrestling fans but to Owen's family and his legacy. So to be a part of that and the fact that it is under the AEW umbrella like you said, it's very surreal. But I think that's kind of been with my career in AEW, every time I get an opportunity, it's like a pinch me moment. It's very surreal. Like it's to be in the first ever women's main event and so on and such things like that, but I think for me, this one might be the most special. Maybe possibly, because it has Owen Hart's legacy behind it."

The life experience of being AEW's first signed women's star without having any true regular national TV exposure: "Well, let me reword that for you - I had no consistent TV time before this. Not just little, I had no consistent, like especially competitive TV time. I obviously had like I had a couple of squash matches on WWE, but that by no means is even remotely similar. So to kind of be thrown into this, it was very much, you know, baptized by fire, but I think we were all in that sink or swim position and a lot of people were made stars because of that. I mean, look at myself, MJF, Sammy [Guevara], Darby [Allin], Jungle Boy, none of us were really on TV and we really all worked hard, and we carry that AEW, the originals, we carry that that title was with a lot of respect and importance and kind of made us want to have a successful career, be a part of the initial success of All Elite Wrestling because our names are on that, our names are at the beginning of the history book of All Elite Wrestling."

Advice she would give to the next generation of young stars coming into the opportunities AEW provides: "Well, the first thing is to you know, keep your head up because you are going to mess up, it's not always going to be a homerun and that's going to happen and that happens for people that have been in the business for 30 years too, which is what you have to remind yourself. It just sucks that because AEW is under a microscope so much and there are people that want it to fail, there's even more people that want to see the individuals that are, you know, pretty much along for the ride, from day one, myself being one of them, will very proudly waving the All Elite Wrestling flag, they're ready for us to trip up at any moment and being new to TV, it's bound to happen. You just can't let that get to you. And the second thing I would tell them is to ask questions, because there are so many people backstage at AEW that are just sitting there dying for the wrestlers to ask for their opinions or feedback. They love wrestling just as much as we do. Just because their time in the ring is finished doesn't mean that they can't keep contributing on a massive level and like people like Jerry Lynn, Dustin Rhodes, Sonjay Dutt, Pat Buck, Ace Steel, they are so important to the success of All Elite Wrestling. I can't emphasize that enough, Dean Malenko and I can't forget Dean, we are very, very, very lucky to have the tools backstage that we do."

Her Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Finals opponent Ruby Soho: "....Ruby really, really, really, really in my opinion, I think she's had one of the best showings out of anybody this year. And some of her matches have been on AEW Dark and if you're not familiar with that, she's had some like absolute bangers on that platform. When I wrestled her in New York, at Grand Slam, like I didn't know I didn't know what we were getting into. I didn't really know, I knew Heidi Lovelace from the indies but I never had been in the ring with Ruby and that was one of my most brutal hard matches I've ever had. I was so sore after's going to be a brutal match and it's going to be hard hitting and I know I don't necessarily look forward to wrestling [Soho] because I know it's going to be war, but I'm also excited because this is why we do what we do. Right?"

Appearing on AppleTV+'s Carpool Karaoke - The Series: "I was a massive fan of the original Carpool Karaoke that I used to watch it on YouTube all the time and it cracked me up, so I was really excited that we got it. It was a pay per view weekend in Minneapolis and it was absolutely freezing. So we're waiting to get in this car. And we get in and it looks like a spaceship inside. There are so many cameras and screens and TVs and I was, it was very overwhelming at first but just because, just the nature of the show and the guys that I was in there with, it was super fun and we were all pretty comfortable really quick. So it's a lot of someone to just start singing on TV on camera for total strangers and some of the songs like, some people didn't even know some of the songs like CM Park had never heard Let It Go or so he claimed but I don't know he seemed to know the words pretty well, so I don't know that I believe him on that one. But it was a lot, a lot of fun. And we had such a blend of personalities and music choices. So I think people are going to really enjoy it. "

Music she enjoys on the road to keep her going: "I'm a big like 70s/80s Rock girl, I love Queen - Queen is my favorite band. My go to song is Fat Bottomed Girls, I think it's such a banger. It's such a good like, feel good song. But then I'm also a Disney movie junkie. So I'll throw on some of the Disney movie soundtracks and just sing along at the top of my lungs and pray that nobody will ever hear or see footage of it. "

Whether her success has made her satisfied or hungrier: "I'm never satisfied, I'm very restless, I always want to be doing something more, something better or something bigger, which is, you know, a blessing and a curse, it can sometimes be a little bit of one of my fatal flaws, but there's a lot of pressure with being the first female signing and having such a big role in All Elite Wrestling because people look at you when things are going great and they look at you when things are going not so great, too. So you always have to be ready for the good and the bad feedback and you know how wrestling is, on wrestling Twitter, people are very vocal and very passionate about who they like and what they like. So sometimes that can be a lot to handle, but I'm still thankful for everything that I have and I'm thankful for All Elite Wrestling, I'm thankful for Tony [Khan]. Wrestling is a really cool place right now and competition is great for everybody. Everybody involved benefits from there being competitive, awesome wrestling companies."

AEW Double or Nothing will emanate from Las Vegas tomorrow live on PPV, Bleacher Report and internationally on FITE.TV.

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