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By Mike Johnson on 2022-05-27 00:20:00

For those who have asked about WWE's Queen Zelina Vega disappearing off television, we've confirmed Vega has been out of the ring following an in-ring injury that required surgery.  

The belief among those we've spoken to is that she'll likely be out of action another 6-8 weeks, which means she'd be available to return around Summerslam.  There has been talk about her receiving a push upon her return as sources have noted her willingness to do what was requested of her and her hard work has been noticed behind the scenes.

Since returning to WWE in July 2021, Vega became the first-ever Queen's Crown tournament winner and held the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship with Carmella.  She would be back in time to defend the Crown in the return tournament if WWE goes in that direction leading into the 2022 Crown Jewel PPV.

Vega last wrestled during the 4/11 Monday Night Raw episode, facing Bianca Belair.


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