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By Mike Johnson on 2022-05-23 12:44:00 sat down last week with AEW's Ruby Soho to talk all things Double or Nothing week, AEW on Carpool Karaoke - The Series and more.  Enjoy the following highlights!  Transcription by Billy Krotchsen.

Double or Nothing Week: "I'm very excited. The next 2 weeks are probably some of the most chaotic that I've ever been a part of, but I'm so looking forward to everything with AEW going forward and it's gonna be an absolute blast. I get to spend time with my friends and I get to do the thing that I love most in the world, which is wrestle professionally, so I'm a happy girl."

Whether She Prefers Chaos or Structure on an insane week like Double or Nothing: "This week is kind of perfect for me because I am a little bit column A and a little bit column B. I like controlled chaos. So I like to have some kind of structure, I like to have some kind of information of what I'm doing going forward so I can mentally and physically prepare. But I also, you know, I feel like I do some of my best work having to think kind of on my feet. So it is that for me, knowing kind of my schedule as far as you know, Dynamite, Rampage, Fan Fest and everything like that. I'm looking forward to that. But, you know, there is a lot of elements to the unknown with, you know, with the Owen Hart tournament as far as you know, who my next opponent is going to be for the semifinals of the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. So, that is, you know, that's still you know, to be determined and you know, if I managed to secure victory over Kris Statander, I'm going to be able to move on to the Finals but that doesn't mean I'm participating at Double Or Nothing, like there's a lot of unknowns there. There's a lot of moments where I'm gonna have to think on my feet. So I think both it's just like a perfect week for me, because I am able to prepare to the best of my abilities, but I know that there will be some times where I'm gonna be on my toes."

Owen Hart's Legacy Being Brought Into AEW: "I thought it was a beautiful thing. And you know, knowing our roster, and especially the respect that we have for Owen Hart and his family, that we were gonna leave it all out in the ring, like we were going to do everything that we could to bring the legacy of Owen Hart, you know, into a light that he could be proud of and that his family can be proud of. So I'm insanely honored and I love the fact that you know that there was a men's and women's tournament. That was a really beautiful thing to me and to be able to, you know, participate in that and to you know, hopefully, you know, make his family proud, you know, which were, you know, the things that were the most important thing in the world to him was his family. It's truly an honor and I think that you know, just seeing some of the matches that have taken place in the quarterfinals and pre-qualifying matches and things like that, you can tell that this means a lot to not only myself but the rest of the roster because we you know, we want to do his memory proud."

The Hart Family at Dynamite: "I didn't, unfortunately, get a chance to talk to them. I really, really, really wanted to meet them, but I unfortunately was preparing for my match against Riho. But honestly, I think that there was an added extra element of a positive pressure there. I think, you know, having them you know, watching us live is definitely something that made I think all of us up our game, because, you know, it's one thing to have them watch us from TV but watching us live, you know, try and preserve a memory of you know, a man who was legendary in our industry, was was very, very intense. And but I think it was a good kind of intense, is was good as an added extra boost of motivation for us to make sure that you know what, [Martha Hart] was happy with what she saw, she's happy with how much effort that we put into our matches and to make sure that this tournament, you know, being the first year of us doing it, this tournament was everything that you know, she wanted it to be."

Kris Statlander: "I can honestly say that Kris Statlander, when I faced her in the TBS Tournament, was potentially one of my favorite opponents that I've been against. She brought out, you know, a whole new level of fighting. She's unbelievably talented...I feel like with this new mentality that Kris has, it's almost like I'm, you know, I'd be facing a new opponent in her as well. If I were to face her because she is, you know, far more vicious. You know, she calls herself more than a woman and she's essentially just, you know, a warrior. And she's brought out a whole new level of fight in her and on top of that she was in the best shape I have ever seen her [in].  Kris, who is somebody that I respect and I consider a friend would also you know, make me feel like. if I were to be able to secure a win, I would feel that I had earned it because I've beaten some of the best that we have in AEW."

Toni Storm vs. Britt Baker on the other side of the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament bracket: "I love Toni Storm. I adore her as a person and as a performer I love her. She is insanely talented, super charismatic, and just a wonderful human being and she has been on my bucket lists to wrestle for a very, very long time. So that would be amazing as far as I was able to face up against her. However, Britt Baker and I have some unfinished business. If I were to be able to give her the receipt that I have been dying to give her since Arthur Ashe Stadium, I would really, really enjoy that."

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