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By Mike Johnson on 2022-04-25 10:25:00

When reached today by on the status of the criminal investigation into WWE Hall of Famer Tammy "Sunny" Sytch's fatal traffic incident on 3/25, Ormond Beach Police Department stated the following:

"We have received part of the toxicology report. If charges are filed they will not be until the investigation is completed. We will update the press release once a decision is reached."

Over the weekend, Sytch publicly disavowed responsibility in the traffic incident last month in Florida that caused the death of 75-year old Julian L. Lasseter.

The Ormond Beach Police Department's report on the three-vehicle crash stated that Sytch (who does not possess a valid driver's license) was driving southbound on U.S. 1 just north of Granada Boulevard and failed to stop at 8:28 PM EST on 3/25.  The report cited that two different witnesses to the crash reported Sytch's car traveling at a "high rate of speed" before crashing into Lasseter’s stopped vehicle after Sytch failed to stop.  Lasseter then crashed into a third vehicle.  Lasseter passed away after being rushed to the hospital.  The driver and passengers of the third vehicle were not hospitalized but all complained of neck, back, side and head injuries.  

Sytch has not been arrested in relation with the crash but was named in The Ormond Beach Police Department's press release on the incident.  Authorities have been waiting the return of Sytch's toxicology tests after a search warrant was executed to draw her blood while she was hospitalized.  Reports Sytch was arrested that day or shortly after are incorrect.  She has not (yet) been arrested in relation to the incident.

An online obituary has been published for Lasseter, a 75-year old grandfather and former teacher.  Lasseter's estate are now suing Sytch and her boyfriend, Florida native James F. Pente before the Circuit Court of the Sevenths Judicial Circuit in and for Volusia County, Florida.  Records related to the lawsuit note that the suit in now seeking in excess of $100,000 and that summons have been issued to Sytch's home in New Jersey as well as Pente's home in Florida.  They would each have 21 days to respond to the lawsuit.  

Sytch has a 5/26 court date at the Keansburg Municipal Court in New Jersey in regard to a 2/24 arrest in the Garden State where she was charged with eleven different charges, including Operating under the influence of liquor or drug, Driving after Driver’s License/Registration suspended/revoked, Careless Driving - likely to endanger person or property, Reckless Driving, Failure to wear seat equipment - responsibility of driver, Driving without a license, Failure to possess a driver's license, Failure to possess driving registration, Failure to possess an insurance card, Failure to install interlock or drive a car without an interlock, and Operating a motor vehicle during a license suspension - second violation.  Sytch has plead not guilty to all eleven counts.

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