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By Gene Restaino on 2022-04-24 20:50:00

Mike Rome is our host and ring announcer. Good sized crowd for a Sunday afternoon event.

Match 1. Street Profits Def Alpha Academy

11:19. Crowd loved the street profits and was into all there stuff. Gable is great in his current role.

Post match R Truth came out and sang his theme song and then lead the crowd into a What's Up chant. He then issued an open challenge.

Match 2 Veer Def R Truth by submission in 1:39. Quick and painless. 

Match 3. US title with in ring introductions. Theory Def Finn Balor in 7:46 by pinning him with his feet on the ropes. Lots of dueling chants early but the crowd was behind Balor by the end. Theory is going to be a star if they don't mess it up.

Next is  the KO show. He is his own guest but Ezekiel came out. Owens was great here. Zek tried to lead the crowd in a song but they were not buying it. After some back and forth Owens jumped him from behind but Ezekiel got the best of it in the end.

Match 4. Cody Rhodes Def Seth Rollins in 13:32 after delivering three crossrhodes. Seth got a big ovation coming out but Cody got a bigger one. Lots of Cody chants. Match started slow but picked up as the match went along. Lots of near falls at the end including Cody kicking out of the pedigree. Post match both men shake hands and then Cody gave a brief speech. He was really over with this crowd and was even signing autographs and taking selfies with fans as he left.


Match 5. Riddle Def The Miz in 13:14.Miz did not like the ovation he got coming out and let the crowd know it. He got more upset when the crowd would not let him do his catchphrase. Some early comedy included Riddle using his feet in a test of strength spot. Good stuff towards the end but eventually Riddle got the pin with the RKBro.

Match 6. Lashey Def Olmos by DQ in 3:12 when Olmos used a chair on Lashley outside the ring. Post match Lashley speared Olmos thru a table that Olmos had set up in the corner of the ring and yes it did break.

Main Event. Raw Womans Title with Ring introductions. Bianca Belair Def Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan in 13:25 when Bianca pinned Liv with the KOD. Lynch did not like that she was not introduced as being from Dublin so the other two woman knocked her outside the ring. A Lot of the match was two in the ring while one was outside. Morgan has improved and Belair is an amazing athelete. At one point Lynch grabbed Belairs hair extension but she turned the tables and used it to whip Lynch into Morgan. End came Belair disposed of Lynch and then hit her finisher on Morgan. Post match Belair and Morgan hugged then the champ celebrated with the ringside fans.

Show clocked in at 2 hours 45 minutes.

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