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By Mike Johnson on 2022-03-16 12:00:00

Mike Johnson: So Reality Of Wrestling has had an expansion with a lot of different localized syndication in different markets that it started to run in earlier this year. How has that changed how you produce the weekly TV show and how you approach the promotion?

Booker T: Well we're definitely trying to make it a little more cinematic, I've added myself to the show a whole lot more, which has been pretty, pretty cool, to be a different character on my own show, I've been a good guy for many years but now I'm the demonic, deranged owner of the company, so that's been pretty, pretty cool. I got a chance to work with Dustin Starr down in Memphis Championship Wrestling, which is pretty cool, they've got some good TV down there, Dave Marquez in LA as well, been working with those guys a little bit. Just trying to bring the independent wrestling world, community a little bit closer, so we could all get on the same page so we can produce the best quality of professional wrestling from an independent perspective that we possibly can. I think working together - it helps everybody, especially if we're all doing television.

 Mike Johnson: That's one of the reasons why Reality Of Wrestling's working with World Class Pro Wrestling WrestleMania weekend - to produce the best potential show for the fans and to have the best environment for the town and so they can have the best spotlight on them and one thing we need to mention is a number of the shows that are taking place over the course of the Texas Showdown weekend during Wrestlemania weekend will be airing live on FITE.TV, so fans who aren't even in the greater Dallas area will be able to watch them all over the world live. 

Booker T: Yeah that's the cool part about it, you can buy the whole package - the Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the Sherri Martel Classic, as well as you can buy them individually if you want, but I tell you, I think the best bang for your buck, getting the shows, we promise you we will not let you down and this is going to be some awesome entertainment - professional wrestling brought to you from a different way, a different experience. I think you're going to take away from what people felt in my Hall of Fame speech, but you're going to feel something, that's what wrestling was to me all the time. When I left it and watched it, I felt a certain way about wanting to watch it again and I tell you, you watch Reality of Wrestling and World Class, this partnership put together, you're goning to want to watch it again and that's when things will really become interesting. So guys, tune in on the 31st, 1st and 2nd - I promise you guys, you will get your money's worth.

 Mike Johnson: The shows are all going to go down at the Southern Junction in Texas, the Texas Showdown with Reality Of Wrestling and World Class Pro Wrestling. For full details on everything Reality Of Wrestling, you can check out Right above this interview is the latest episode of Reality Of Wrestling TV. Booker, always a pleasure to talk to you, we wish you and the rest of the family nothing but the best and we look forward to seeing everything that is going to take place that weekend with all the talents that are going to be on the The Big Texas Showdown shows, including Legends like yourself, Rob Van Dam, Black Bart and so forth. Obviously you have an open invite anytime you want to come back and chat with us, we would love to have you back but most importantly we thank you for your time and we hope this weekend is a successful one. 

Booker T: I appreciate it! Guys, don't get shut out - I'll see you in Dallas.

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