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By Mike Johnson on 2022-03-16 12:00:00

Mike Johnson: Obviously the Sherri Martel Classic is going to be important to you. What's your favorite Sherri memory?

 Booker T: (laughs) Aw man, that's an easy one man. We were in Birmingham, Alabama and we had a tag match against Hacksaw Jim Duggan and...I can't remember who the other guy was, but I remember I had Jim Duggan down by the ropes, he was on the mat, I was putting the boots to him and then I put his head between the second rope, and then I let Sherri Martel slap him, and she slapped him so hard he stopped selling, he was just looking at me like "What the hell was that all about?" (laughs) I'll never forget it, because the match just stopped right there, you know? I remember Sherri also almost started a riot, in one of those towns when she slapped the crap out of a fan, and they literally had to escort us out of the arena that night working with Sherri Martel, it was awesome. Nothing but great memories working with Sherri Martel.

 Mike Johnson: Obviously the reason everyone's coming to Dallas is WrestleMania 38. You had so many unique WrestleMania memories and experiences, whether it be challenging for the World Title in Seattle or feuding with Edge over a Japanese shampoo commercial in Toronto. What's a personal favorite WrestleMania moment for yourself that you were involved in? When you think about WrestleMania, what's the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to the life experiences that Booker T has been lucky enough to have?

 Booker T: You know, I've been a part of many Wrestlemanias, but I don't really have a Wrestlemania moment that I have for myself, I don't know why. It's been like that with a lot of moments, you could say Summerslam or any other pay per view, I'm not really going to think about any moments because I always looked at the moments as being for the fans, not for me. I always wanted the fans to have those moments to remind me of so then I could remember them. That's the only way I could really go out and perform at my highest level and it was not thinking about me ever and I think that's the reason why I don't have any of those moments, but if you were to ask me what is my Wrestlemania moment? It will always be forevermore Wrestlemania 3 - Steamboat/Savage - the greatest match in the history of the business. I wish my students would be that way, would be inspired to be those guys and what they did.

Mike Johnson: WWE announced that they're going to be inducting Vader into the Hall of Fame. You obviously teamed with him in WCW and you were around him for a lot of years. Any favorite memories of Leon White and thoughts on him being inducted. 

Booker T: I always had a great relationship with Vader. I always thought the character that he brought from Japan was one of the most iconic, I thought it was so unbelievable what Vader did when he came over. The memory I remember from Vader more than anything is seeing those scared kids in the locker room, like sheep wondering if they were going to get bit, if they were going to go against Vader that night (laughs). But what an awesome, awesome performer and definitely should be in the Hall of Fame.

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