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By Mike Johnson on 2022-03-16 12:00:00

Mike Johnson: You know you mentioned the Rob Van Dam tandem and when people think of Booker T as a tag-team, they often think of you and Stevie Ray but you worked with Goldust, you worked with Rob and a lot of others. Why do you think you and Rob clicked the way that you did almost immediately when you started working together?

Booker T: [We clicked so well] because were friends, we were friends before we started working together. It wasn't something that was out of the norm. Rob and I pretty much vibed from day 1, I remember him and I met on Venice Beach, I just happened to be walking past and he happened to be walking past, from that day on we clicked. We were in Venice Beach, in California, so we were feeling pretty good (laughs). 

Mike Johnson: You mentioned some of the veterans from Dallas over the course of the Texas Showdown weekend, you're going to be honoring Black Bart on  Sunday the 3rd. He's someone who I think everybody has a positive story about Black Bart, I've never heard anyone ever say a negative thing about him. Talk a little bit about why it's important to honor him this weekend when such a huge mass of fans are going to be in Dallas and have a chance to kind of reflect on what he's done for pro wrestling.

 Booker T: The reason is because guys like that don't really get their just due, they really don't get recognized. I always say for me, going through my career, getting a chance to go into the Hall of Fame, you know the Hall of Fame for me was really being able to say thank you to the fans, for everything that they did for me, and a lot of guys like Black Bart, they never really get a chance to tell the fans how much they've appreciated them on this ride, and for me to actually be able to give Black Bart that chance and for him family to see him on stage as well, I'm sure they look up to him as a giant, to see him on stage is going to be a moment that they're going to remember for the rest of their lives. Black Bart is only the first, this is something I plan on continuing on a yearly basis, trying to honor our Texas legends, who have done so much for this business, who really don't get that recognition and just due.

Mike Johnson: Last time we spoke you talked about how there's another book in you, at some point there is going to be a third book but since then the A&E Biography on you was released. I wanted to see what you thought of the final product and how they chronicled your life and your career.

 Booker T: I think it was awesome. George Roy, who produced it, did a great job. Going into it, it was something that I didn't want to do but he promised me that he would really make my story impactful and mean something, and I think at the end of the day, it was a feel-good story. You felt like you could conquer the world after you watched it. Even myself, I thought "Wow, that's me?" They did a great job, a really great job with it. 

 Mike Johnson: When you look at WrestleMania weekend, there's going to be so many different shows going that weekend and friendly competition among so many different promoters and promotion. Why would you want fans who are coming from outside the Texas area to come and sample some of the local Texas talent and why should they make sure that they are coming to the Texas Showdown events?

Booker T: If you haven't been up close and personal with some of these talents, the Jacob Fatu's of the world, the AQA's of the world, if you haven't seen this young talent go out there and perform at a very high level, you will be watching when you come to this show. you will be watching the future of professional wrestling, the stars of tomorrow you'll be watching them today at this event, so I think it's an event you do not want to miss. You do not want to get shut out, you want to get these guy's autographs early, because they will be worth something one day. This is the event you want to be at, get your tickets, do it now, because it's going to be something that you remember for a long time. 

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