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By Mike Johnson on 2022-03-01 18:53:00

WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall, 63, is currently hospitalized after falling and suffering a broken hip.

Hall is slated to be in Dallas next month for Wrestlemania weekend.  There is no word how this may impact that at this time.

Jerry Jarrett noted this evening on his Facebook page that he spoke with Hall from the hospital, writing, "Just got off the phone with my friend Scott Hall. He fell and broke his hip and he’s in the hospital. Prayers will help him recover."

Hall was one of the most influential stars of the 1990s, including numerous WWF Intercontinental title runs, a classic Wrestlemania X ladder match against Shawn Michaels and helping to change the entire trajectory of the Monday Night War when he and Kevin Nash jumped to WCW, forming the NWO.  Hall last regularly wrestled back in 2010 for TNA. sends our best wishes to Hall for a quick and painless recovery.


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