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By Tyler Cates on 2022-02-26 23:46:00

On February 26, 2022, Major League Wrestling presented the 2022 edition of SuperFight at the Grady Cole Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

 An estimated crowd of about 800-900 turned out to see MLW's debut at the historic venue, which was a longtime stronghold for Jim Crockett's Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling.

 Upon entering the venue, MLW World Chanpion Alex Hammerstone, the Mortons, Killer Kross and Alex Lane were at their respective tables, with Hammerstone and the Mortons attracting a steady stream of traffic. To no one’s surprise, the man who had the longest line throughout the pre-show meet & greet was tonight’s guest matchmaker, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat.

 A local DJ from 106.5 came out to toss some T-shirts to the crowd. Mention of Killer Kross popped the crowd.

We started about 15 minutes late.

*Ikuro Kwon pinned the debuting Ken Broadway.  Kwon was interviewed in the aisle and called Fatu “a Samoan p***y.”  The insult was quickly answered as Fatu attacked Kwon and they brawled their way to the back.

Cesar Duran was out next with a masked Azteca foot soldier. Duran insulted Charlotte until Ricky Steamboat made his way to the ring to.”Ricky” chant. Steamboat informs Duran that MLW has put him under investigation and until that is complete, Duran is out of here! Security removed an irate Duran and Steamboat choppers the masked foot soldier to get him out of the ring.

After security removed Duran from ringside, Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout interrupted Steamboat. Holliday says that Steamboat has the opportunity to shake things up, saying that Hammerstone can’t pass a wellness test and that he should put him in the World title match.  Steamboat makes a match for Holliday to face Matt Cross. Steamboat leaves the ring to another “Ricky” chant.

*EJ Nduka & his Mystery partner, Calvin Tankman defeated 5150 for the MLW Tag Team  Championships.  No Konnan with 5150, just Julius Smokes.

*Richard Holliday defeated Matt Cross after a great showing by Cross.

*NZO vs. KC Navarro. nZo attacked Navarro in the aisle as he made his entrance, crotched him on the barricades and squashed him easily. 

Prior to the title match, Holliday (in an all white suit) and Atout came out and  appropriated front row seats from two fans.

*MLW Champion Hammerstone defeated Davey Richards in a great match after hitting the Nightmare Pendulum.  After the match, Hammerstone confronted Holliday.  Holliday attacked the champ, sendiing him headfirst into the corner post, busting him open.   In the ensuing melee, Holliday’s suit was stained with blood as Savio Vega, the ring crew, security and every available body attempted to separate the two as they fought.

*Puma King, Octagon Jr., & Micro Man defeated Arez, Gino Medina, & Mini Abismo Negro (with Dr. Dax).  Gino Medina attacked the referee after the match.

*Killer Kross defeated Budd Heavy via referee’s stoppage..

*Gangrel pinned Gnarls Garvin after the Impaler DDT. During the match, Gangrel used a sickle to bloody Garvin.

*MLW Middleweight Champion Myron Reed defeated TJP.

*MLW National Openweight Champion Alex Kane successfully defended his title over ACH and Calvin Tankman in a 3 way match when he pinned ACH.

*Mads Kruger defeated Jacob Fatu in a Stairway to Hell match when Kwon interfered.  Highlights included Jacob Fatu hitting a double chair Van Terminator and Kruger superplexing Fatu from a ladder through a table.

*Marshall & Ross Von Erich defeated Ricky & Kerry Morton. Tempers flared between the two teams after the match until 5150 attacked them.  The Von Erichs and Mortons got on the same page and drove the former champs from the ring.


David Marquez was visible in many areas throughout the night.  [Addendum from Mike Johnson: Marquez is now directing MLW’s tapings and weekly TV series.]

Veteran promoter Tony Hunter was on hand, handling the Steamboat signing

Some of the language was not appreciated by some of the parents with small children in attendance.

Micro Man got the biggest pop and was the most over on the card.

The crowd was thinning and fatigued by the time the Stairway to Hell match started but it re-energized the crowd that remained….at least 4 matches should have resulted in countouts. During the Gangrel-Garvin match, the ref didn’t even bother counting as most of the match was on the outside.

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